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  1. EA feedback

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to send feedback to EA? A group of friends and I had met to start a new region and the sever went offline some 20 mins later. I think it would be great if they could at least warn you when signing that the sever is scheduled for maintenance, or with a pop up that the sever is going offline in 5 mins. If STO and others online games manage it, EA should be able to provide this simply service as well. Its better than simply kicking the users without warning and pushing the frustration factor unnecessarily. MFG
  2. Nuclear Meltdown

    Well, Chernobyl disaster was caused because they did run some unorthodox tests with the reactor. "The accident occurred during an experiment scheduled to test a potential safety emergency core cooling feature, which took place during a normal shutdown procedure." Fukushima was caused by a 15 meter high tsunami hitting the plant. So ... neither of them really count. Nucelar power is safe and clean. Unless you are leftist-greenie-brainwashed and thus support burning stuff because of "renewal energy" or want to depend on inefficient wind / sun power. Both incidents show that Nuclear power isn't safe and definitely not clean. That is what the industry wants us to believe. The technology is simply comfortable, a lot of power for relatively little effort or expense. At least until it comes to storing the by products. We all want cheap power but if the cost is our kids, kids kids cleaning up after us in countless centuries then the question turns to taking the responsibility for our choices and not comfortably passing it to unborn generations. That in mind being against nuclear power isn't greenie brainwashed, its plain common sense. Wind and sun power are far more reliable than many believe and so far I haven't heard about many such plants exploding and contaminating entire regions. MFG
  3. Nuclear Meltdown

    Don't if this helps, but I sorta stumbled across this. Last night my reactor exploded just after getting my city to 250K population. Just before I'd been kicked three times before this due to sever issues and having finally gotten online again, Boom! Thus frustrated I killed the I-Net connection (have a tab for it) and shut down the laptop for the night. This morning I logged in to see what had happened to my mini metropol and low and behold no Chernobyl 2. It seems that the immediate connection kill prevented the almighty EA cloud from saving the disaster and the city reverted to a previous save point. Not sure whether this was chance, but it saved the city for the region. Considering the city is established, I've decided to let start another, let this one run and see what happens. It still producing enough power for another city so maybe it will hold out. MFG