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  1. If you ask me, people should refrain from buying even if they eventually DO give in and finally provide an offline mode. Rather than take the ENORMOUS account of feedback about fundamentals of the game (like the required internet connection) they've been conducting a steady campaign of trying to squelch that feedback. A company that is so hostile to the wants of its customers does not deserve success.
  2. SimCity Update 5 Coming

    I think you already know the answer to that question. and it's why interaction with them shouldn't be encouraged.
  3. SimCity Update 5 Coming

    the horse needs to be beaten until it's dead and buried under six feet of concrete and can never rear its ugly head again.
  4. And now we see that Microsoft is paying for SimCity's (and Diablo 3 before it) sins with the reception to the XBox. Note to game developers: stop trying to put restrictions on your games and then trying to convince people that it's for "gameplay" and their "benefit."
  5. PlayStation 4 VS Xbox one

    Not even close. And the worst part is, in the face of the tremendous backlash they have been seeing, Microsoft (just like EA/Maxis) is sticking its fingers in its ears and saying "oh you just don't understand it...you're going to love it!" No, I'm not. Particularly when I have some competition that's actually trying to sell me on what you refuse to acknowledge.
  6. EA Wants to Stop Being 'Hated'

    waaay too late for that.
  7. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Because most everyone has given up on this fiasco they're trying to call SimCity and moved on.
  8. "Now you, too, can launch a Llama balloon. Because who wouldn’t want to do that?" Me, for one.
  9. they've made a point of IGNORING and actively trying to stamp out feedback on key issues. they're not going to start listening to you now.
  10. What SimCity Teaches Us About Real Cities of the Future

    It teaches us that you need to have more than just a "vision" and actually listen to what people are telling you.
  11. the OP asks what we think about it...I think it's pointless the way they've designed the game and on the maps the size they are.
  12. Video: Building SimCity's sandbox

    uh no...a sandbox game gives you the freedom to create whatever you want...it's not about trying to figure out how to get around the limitations designed into a game.
  13. What I really wanted

    I see plenty of other threads in this forum for those people. I suggest you ignore this one.