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My city wont grow ?

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Okay so I have Just got back into playing sim city 4 and now Ive just got into modding aside from buildings and things that vastly help me with the game I installed a couple of mods for rapid growth and demand now I created a city zoned it and hit run but nothing happened not a single sim moved in nor did anything develop even though everything was watered powered and connected can anyone help ive removed these mods but it still remains

thank you in advance


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What does your demand meter show? Are there any demand types that show positive demand? If there is no positive demand, then I would try to figure out why. You can try placing a park or plaza to see if that might stimulate some growth to start. How much simulation time have you allowed to lapse before determining there was no growth? Also, did you shut the game down, remove the modds, then reboot the game? Maybe one of the modds was still in memory. For trouble shooting, you should try to give as much information as you can, (like have you tried another city in the region with the same results). Also a posting a picture of the city would be helpful.

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If you installed rapid growth mods it's possible that the RCI demand is stuck at 0. You'll need to delete the relevant files to ensure demand goes above 0. It happened to me when I installed a demand mod, deleted the files and it worked. Should be a folder called Suppress, delete it and it should work. :)

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First, lose the 'rapid growth' mods.

Now, your method of setting up a new city by putting the game is pause, zoning vast tracks, setting up everything, then going to, probably, cheetah mode for instant gratification is not a good way to run this program. All you do is send the whole thing into a crunch situation. When you do this, I expect your processor goes to 100% and stays there. You've got the game biting the small of its back.

If you really want to play this game, start a new city by leaving it in default (Turtle) and laying down a pair of crossed streets, dump in some kind of power supply, then start adding commercial zoning. When any of this grows, start adding residential. Farms and industry are the last additions to get a city going, but you could also zone farms instead of commercial in this scenario with the same results.

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I'm not sure but I think we've been fooled. It may be a spambot. Firstly, he hasn't logged in since posting this to check for a reply, secondly, his username sounds too "human", as though a bot is trying to be human. Probably wrong but I have my doubts. I've seen too many bots in the past.

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Check if you provided power. And one more thing is, sometimes the timer gets 'stuck' in a kind. Do free it, hit Escape key until nothing is selected, and once more.

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