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invisible ground

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hello, i have a problem, i can explain but if you see the picture then you know what the problem is:


its just like the ground is invisible, i don't know what it is and how to make it normal, someone please help

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Check your graphics settings in the control panel for the game. Make sure detail is set to high. Oh, and if you don't need it, press the G key to turn off the grid.

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That is actually the 'waterbug' phenomena - it happens when a lot uses an overlay texture without the base texture (which is how those JS dirt path lots are created). A temporary fix is to click the 'zones' view and click back to your normal view. But it will continue to happen, there is no permanent fix.

Although, if some enterprising BATer were to BAT some dirt path props, we could create lots with no base texture and use the BATed props instead of the overlay textures... hint, hint, hint... :idea:

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  • Original Poster
  • it only happens on flat terrain, not on mountains and ramps, and it will not go away, only if i remove and replace it, but every time i open the water menu, it will appear again.

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    it only happens on flat terrain, not on mountains and ramps, and it will not go away, only if i remove and replace it, but every time i open the water menu, it will appear again.

    Yep, waterbug. You can even check the readme for those lots - it explains the problem if I'm not mistaken. Paeng gave a pretty good description of why it happens in this post. The only way to solve the problem permanently would be to not use the lots in the first place. Otherwise, the 'switch in and out of 'zones' view' works best.

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