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  1. Making Money The Easy Way

    A true "guide" in every sense. Soldyne was awesome! I just wish Simtrop would stop changing the site so much. The guide is now broken without the images as they are key to understanding what is going on. Edit: Hey folks! I cleaned the image links up and reposted the guide to a blog HERE. I gave proper credit to Soldyne and Simtrop.
  2. SuperSim Jackpot Lottery Ordinance

    While I am sure this mod is fun, I can not help but be disappointed that after so many years, people still need to cheat, to any extent, to play SC4. There are many methods of game play that allow for highly profitable cities built to your own specs and desires. The guide that taught me, Making Money the Easy Way by Soldyne, is hands down the easiest to follow and offers big results quickly. It teaches you how to play the game instead of just manipulating it with plugins. I highly recommend this over cheats as it is just more fun.
  3. Experiments, Tips, and Confirmations

    I think you stumbled upon the simcity 2013 forum instead of SC4 which would certainly explain why none of this makes a great deal of sense! In case you wanted to know great works are large projects that a number of cities can contribute to completing for mutual benefits. City hall is an upgradable government building that you get far sooner than in SC4 (I seem to recall a courthouse or something similar you got as a gift at some point). Gifting is a broken part of the multiplayer aspect of the game. As an example I would be able to gift you money for a new fire station if you needed it. The lizard is a disaster. Think Godzilla but not as good. Also the university and many other building have modules that you can add to them to improve function or unlock new buildings. The university has several and so does the oil well. The oil well is part of the specialisations that you can utilise to make further simoleons. Thanks, I was a bit confused. It's kind of hard to tell which game is being talked about. Considering the fact that you are in the Simcity 2013 forum and not the Simcity 4 forum, I'd venture a guess that, at least here, the game being talked about is Simcity 2013. But that's just a hunch.
  4. Well after several months of working out bugs I believe I have this working successfully now. This is the first of 3 cities in a test sandbox region. Notice there is no industrial. I placed all industrial initially in one other city but later built another RCI city in the hopes of helping with traffic and boosting overall region population. Thus far, it has not made much difference. That said, this main city is still growing. Here are some more shots. This is a better view of the road layout. Traffic is still rough but, by having only one connection to the main road things are not too terrible. At this point, it is all high density road and avenue. The tri-city area. The left city is the main IND city. It is doing okay but it certainly is hurting from the lack of RES and COM tax dollars. The city to the right is the full RCI city. I'm just getting it started and I don't plan to make it huge as it is still more of a support for the main city. I will add that I have a very successful mass transit system with buses across the region. It does not seem to help alleviate traffic, bug?, but having plenty of buses keeps the wait times in the green. Still a WIP at this point but region play is most definitely possible with SC2013.
  5. The CTD, on multi-core systems, is strictly a problem of SC4 being single threaded. Simply set the game to run on only one core and you can play indefinitely without issues. I had CTD on a dual-core laptop, WinVista, and my quad-core tower, Win7 Home. Did the single core trick and all was well.
  6. T2

    It's all good sim_link. I just felt it necessary to clarify where I was coming from on the matter. As you stated, context and emotion do not come through in text. I appreciate your explanation of the comments toward my own and wish you luck with this contest given it was your idea.
  7. T2

    My assertion that 1920x1920 was a typo stems from the obvious fact that this is a non-standard resolution and would require editing outside of the game. Seems unnecessary at best. I am also very aware that this contest is voluntary hence my own statement, As for the constraints, if you don't care for them, just don't enter. I have no intention of entering this contest and I was merely commenting with regard to others comments. Not sure why I was singled out here but I don't appreciate it as I said nothing derogatory toward you or this contest. My statement about them all being the same is my opinion, which I'm entitled to and it was in no way negative.
  8. house of worship?

  9. T2

    I would say it's safe to assume the 1920x1920 is a typo. As for the constraints, if you don't care for them, just don't enter. Silent protest will cause the whole thing to be re-thought. After all, what is the point of such a contest if the submissions are all the same?
  10. Dezoning said zones before upgrading your roads prevents such an issue, allows for better control of your skyline/population and is a built-in mechanic, not a bug. So, there's that. Yeah but then if you get an abandoned building or rubble, you have to rezone it for anything to build there again after you demolish it. Then you gotta remember to go back and de-zone it AGAIN so you keep the same density. It's a complete waste of time and unnecessary micromanaging of things that should be made easier by tying density to zones instead of road capacity. Complaining for the sake of complaint. The method works fine and is not the inconvience you are making it to be. I do however, agree on density to an extent. I feel roads need different densities and zones need different densities. Just like in SC4 and just like in the real world. I do not agree though "easier" should be the justification. This game is already kindergarten simple.
  11. Dezoning said zones before upgrading your roads prevents such an issue, allows for better control of your skyline/population and is a built-in mechanic, not a bug. So, there's that.
  12. This is an old argument. Too many people fuss and carry on about patches. The truth is, the ones that complain, don't understand the process or the business involved. Those deadlines and investors, moreso investors of course, are what make the game possible to begin with. There were no "donations" from SC fans to create this latest version. It takes cash to pay devs, artists, testers, publishers, etc. Money, money, money. Even the resources put in to these patches are paid for by investors initially. That aside, as a game dev, you can not just take a bug report, open up a file full of code, swap some stuff around, call it fixed and ship out an update. Aside from the sheer time involved in finding the actual problem in the code, you first must have enough reports of the same problem. Then you have to develop and agree with the other devs on the fix. Then you must test the fix to ensure it does indeed "fix" the problem as well ensuring it does not cause further issues, see above complaints. After all of that, you submit your code to be approved and upon approval, wait for it to be included in a patch full of other fixes that may or may not agree with your code. It is a long process that requires a great deal of effort and MONEY and it behooves anyone affected to, at the very least, be content with the knowledge that the game developers recognize there are issues and are working through this very process to fix them.
  13. Same. I've invested quite a bit of time into some of my cities and without the benefit of saves I can't risk the damage. Well, its not "risk" but it would be an unnecessary hassle to implement the changes to my cities necessary to compensate for the issues following 2.0. For me its been the Beijing like smog cloud covering my cities along with the abandonment/bulldoze click fest. It's a real bummer because I was working around most of the release issues and having fun but I've no defense against the pollution so I can't really play even if I wanted to. Really bummed. The "abandonment clickfest" is the only thing that is getting to me really. I'm still playing though just because I paid $60 and want to get my time on the game. It has a long way to go before it is right.
  14. You do not need a department of tranportation in each city. All of the departments that attach to the city hall affect your region. Therefore, once you've built a Department of Transportation in one city, all of the cities in your region share the benefit. That said, you do need the town hall in each city to allow for neighbor deals and to establish it as an actual city. As for development, what I am finding as I go along is that it does help to zone at least a little bit of low density RES in your industrial city. On my first test, the utilities in my IND city, the ones that served my entire region, began to show no workers as the industry grew larger. As soon as I zoned RES in the IND city, this problem cleared. I know it is an issue with the game itself not properly applying commuter numbers to ALL available jobs so for the time being, a bit of low density RES will make things go smoother.
  15. University Pedestrian Paths in the Roads menu

    Isn't this listed under the Simcity 2013 category?