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  1. I know that political boundaries aren't supposed to be counted, but if they are, then the largest two cities in the world are in Alaska. Sitka, with an area of 12,462 sq. km. (pop 9000) and Juneau, with an area of 8,430 sq. km. (pop 31000). Houston falls in at 1558 sq. km, well below those two. Steele
  2. I give you... The Gruening Building! http://www.uaf.edu/uafindia/gallery/gal1/Gruening%20Building.jpg Six floors of a giant concrete cube, with an equally ugly fire-escape on the side. A couple years ago, the decided it would be brilliant to spend $200,000 to put lights on it during the winter. Now it looks just godawful. http://www.hanneketravels.net/alaska/gruening01.jpg These pictures really don't do it justice. It is the ugliest building north of 49 degrees... north of the equator... hell, north of the South Pole.
  3. NAM: Requests

    I would like to see Monorail Puzzle Pieces... similiar to those for rail, el-rail, and roads, but for monorails. Especially one with the tracks running down the center median of an avenue or highway. I apologize if this has been requested before: I read the post at the top which listed all requests and didn't see it. Steele