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  1. What comes to your mind when you think about this user

    A nice person who greeted me in my intro.
  2. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Question, what's MSM? I feel dumb. And yeah, the panic will probably die down in a bit. This had been heard a lot even though nobody seems to get it: give him a chance, and stop trying to make things up about Trump and his picks. And this coming from someone who supported Hillary (before then, I supported Sanders) and is a pretty devout Democrat. At least I'm not like the other Democrats where just because my candidate lost, I'm gonna cause all hell. No, I decide just to let it slide and see what happens. That doesn't mean I don't have very huge concerns about Trump though, and how he'll do things.
  3. I would love those links, but are they still with paywall?
  4. Facebook devises user tools to fight "fake news"

    I would say, yes indeed, this could result in some bad stuff. But I applaud FB's attempt to try. A lot of this fake news has ruined a lot of things, including even businesses, but this way is just not the right way.
  5. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    Nice! Yeah, we might as well.
  6. Do you get on Skype much? From what I've seen in the Trump thread, you seem like a guy I'd like to chat with, so I want to add you on Skype. :)

    1. OcramsRzr


      Not very often anymore but I have an account.

  7. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    I don't enjoy any liberal media either as it just seems way too progressive than I am. It just gives me a headache. I also worry about the fact Trump is set to lower a lot of tax rates, which could put us in a lot more financial danger. Do we really need to lower those taxes for those who are not completely rich? Middle and lower class people may way too much as it is, and Trump rarely paid taxes, if not at all, on his company by declaring a loss. Do we really want someone who hasn't paid taxes (or very little tax) for years? As for the energy thing, we'll see if Perry does indeed do a good job at renewal energy and other things. I'm not fond of some of his things, but yeah, we'll see.
  8. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    This makes me worry. I don't live near coasts, but just the fact of climate change denial in general. If he really thinks that there's no such thing, why should he be in? It's been proven scientifically that this is a real worry. Yeah, seriously. I mean, Trump is not my president, I didn't want him in anyway, but people don't need to get nasty to Hillary supporters in that way. Sure, I am very progressive liberal, and supported Hillary Clinton (though it was initially Sanders for me), but you don't see me calling Trump supporters butthurt or a nasty name.
  9. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    *hands a medium sized mug of coffee to Bdub* I've given you the container of plain half&half - feel free to put however much you want in! Eggs will be ready in a second! Also guys, I'm thinking of putting up a memorial plaque in the restaurant about Nonny. Could you guys provide some info and thoughts on him?
  10. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Alright. *grinds beans and starts up restaurant-quality coffee maker - it makes coffee stronger* Yeah, I never knew him, but like you said, we will keep the place good. How'd you like your eggs? Also, what kind of cream? We have regular cream, and some flavored creams - we have french vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.
  11. Had some miniature cupcakes I got at Wal-Mart.
  12. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    I hope for the best case kinda, but 2nd and likeliest sound the most realistic.
  13. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Seriously, what is up with his relation with Russia? Russia is doomed, or we're doomed either way. Especially with Rex Tillerson coming in - a guy who said he has EXCELLENT relations with Putin, we obviously should be worried about that. I understand Russia isn't the same as Soviet Russia was, but they do have some really, really weird things going on there.
  14. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    *opens the creaky door* A-anyone here? I'm looking for a place for GLBT people but it's seems pretty inactive here. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'm gay myself and I'm glad I am. However, I don't have many other GLBT friends, so anyone here that wants to make a friend?
  15. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    I'm with you there. I supported Bernie/Hillary myself (but Hillary less off than Bernie, then a bit more when she was the candidate), and am a registered Democrat. This guy's cabinet picks, however, are just awful. But I wonder what everyone else thinks about Tillerson, Dump's latest pick? I'm not sure what to think honestly, if the fact he supports Russia or not is a good or bad thing, or if just having an oil company guy on the cabinet is a terrible idea in general. Trump really shouldn't be president but I'm just not there to the point where I'm going to do something drastic like eliminate the Electoral College, or sue to get him out of there. Mainly because some of the people who do this kind of thing puts a bad taste in my mouth, I'm not saying everyone who doesn't support a Trump presidency is an extremist, but those who are just... yeah.