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  1. LDS Church (Mormon) Meetinghouse

    yes, my parking lot for this bat is transparent/grass textured.  Seems to be affecting both the DN and MN versions.  Is there a dependency that wasn't listed, maybe?
  2. B62 Remastered - Cub Foods

    Thanks for making this, love it!
  3. HBS Wal-Mart

    Apparently there was an id conflict in the parking lot texture pack you used for the Walmart and the Super Target you made...  just so you know.  Love the buildings by the way, I'll give you a cookie if you fix 'em for me! : )  I'm lot editor impaired.
  4. HBS Wal-Mart

  5. Englewood Condominiums

    Just downloaded most of your bats.  Really nice work man.  Thank you.