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  1. Change text in UI

    Hey thank you very much i forgot to use the "Local File" option in scpak and never saw this xD Now i know why i wasnt able to find this with the default search properties option xD
  2. Change text in UI

    How can i change the name or descriptionof a Building? Another thing: { "instanceID": 85, "left": -11, "top": -15, "width": 110, "height": 12, "controlID": 247938271, "ignoreMouse": true, "comment": "Cimres Attempted #", "type": "cText", "textStyle": "Header_11_Center_Lower", "localeString": { "tableID": "PaletteInfoPanel.json", "stringID": "0x0ee80dc7" } Why got the TableID a name instead of its instance id, is there any index for json files?
  3. Oppie made a tutorial for it: https://simcitypak.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Basic%20Retexturing%20Tutorial&referringTitle=Documentation
  4. I would love a Mod that half the ammount of cars alone for the FPS. My framerate is pretty bad If my city reach more than 300k people^^
  5. cant load eco-mods

    Got it now, i just placed them into the SimCityData instead the Packages folder.
  6. Hi, i have problems with loading mods that try to use "\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages". They just dont get loaded from there. The only way i can edit the Script file is with replacing the original file "\SimCity\SimCityUserData\EcoGame\SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package" but this sucks cause i cant share or use any eco-mods Got no problems with mods in "\SimCity\SimCityData"
  7. yes the point is the trading should be automatic dayly or per hour, would be great
  8. if i try to save a property type the file gets corrupted and spore throw an error if i try to load the "changed" stuff pls help (yesterday i got it working but dont know how xD)