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  1. Enhance "Infinite Water Trick" (Cheat)

    I demolished it, but it didn't work... and I have no other mod for water or sewage... I will try in a new city tomorrow... Thanks for your fast answer and continue to improve SimCity
  2. Enhance "Infinite Water Trick" (Cheat)

    I have this message :sewage storage at maximum capacity. Even if I have over 450 kgal available... sorry for my english
  3. Anyway continue your great job... and continue to improve the game !!! sorry for my english
  4. I know about nothing in modding... but is it possible to have mod conflict??? Several mods are not working for me... but a few in the list worked before I format my computer... or is it something I do wrong... here's a list of those who don’t work for me... sorry for my english, I’m francophone More Landmarks for Your City Mod (Offline Only) 1.1CapTon (Offline Only) Park Enhancement Pack 1.0CapTon Insane Megatower Mod 2.1Brenflakes (Offline Only) Trade Enhancement Pack 1.0CapTon InscreaseUniversity 1.1HyugaHinata (Offline Only) Recycling Center Enhancement Pack 1.0CapTon (Offline Only) Airport Enhancement Pack 1.0CapTon (Offline Only) [uPDATED] Garbage Enhancement Pack 1.1CapTon SimCity Casino Overhaul - Casino Upgrade 1.0parkerwyoung UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade 1.1parkerwyoung Re-Textured SimCity Municipal Jet v2Øsiris Natural Parks 1.0 SteveManx Cut the Grass 1.0SteveManx
  5. (Offline Only) Trade Enhancement Pack

    snif doesn't work for me...
  6. (Offline Only) Recycling Center Enhancement Pack

    snif doesn't work for me... the numbers changed when I try to edit, but I cannot build more than usual... sorry for my english