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  1. (Offline Only) MegaTower Enhancement Pack

    Apartment $$ only has a 600 residence capacity, even tho the description says 6000. Everything seems to be working correctly tho!
  2. Insane Ferry

    You are correct. I tried doing this before, but the Ferry always ended up under water. It worked this time. Thank you!
  3. Insane Ferry

    Any reason why I still cannot plop down more then 1 of the cruise docks? The second gets removed the very moment I put it down.   Yes, SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package is in the SimCityData folder.
  4. I'm getting a bit of a problem. I'm sure I did not do anything different from before when the mods wore working. Anyways, I have a few mods that say they need to go into the SimCityUserData folder like Fire Station Enhancement Pack and Police Enhancement Pack which stop working if in that folder. However, when I try to put the Police Enhancement mod into the SimCityData folder the mod then seems to work but not! When I place more then 4 Police cars down, the 5th will just disappear. This is happening with a few other mods, its like the SimCityUserData folder just does not work anymore. I followed instructions such as adding the SimCity-Scripts_287520926 and SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926.package files to the Package folder. Other mods that just seem to work but then brake are Insane Ferry. The game is bought, and up to date. EDIT: Ok, so it seems like putting "SimCity-Scripts_287520926" into the SimCityData folder was the cause. Even tho some mod authors say to do it? And then some say to put it into the SimCityUserData?
  5. Insane Ferry

    Not sure if I need to start a new game or anything, but when I try to place a new dock down, I pay for it but it gets removed. This might be a bug within the mod?   Also, I'm getting traffic jams with boats now xD
  6. [Request] One way!

    A well, that sucks. HyugaHinata, thank you for trying.
  7. [Request] One way!

    Does this mean you will make the mod? Thank you! =D
  8. I love the mods hosted at SimTropolis, I probably have 20 of them for the SimCity 2013. However, I find myself always having a traffic problem. I know people have tried to cheat the traffic with CheatEngine, and HyugaHinata has tried their best to reduce traffic with a mod, however, the mod does not work for me. My request is for a one way road. Sims which want to go to work would be forced to go one way, and returning Sims would have to go another. A singe one way road, and a triple one way would probably make traffic a lot better. Thank you