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  1. Cosham Railway Station

    make portsmouth harbour
  2. Rail U Turn for UDI

    the trains just reverse and change to a differant rrack at the points or in many countries there is a cab at both ends
  3. UK Road Mod

    the worst part of sim city is that the traffic lights r on the wrong side this is the most important issue to addressed
  4. 747

    u would have to make it replace the crop duster or something
  5. CanadianAmerican Border v10

    I like the idea but when i put it in my city it looked really bad
  6. Soccer Stadium

    I like it it would be cool if people would make the stadiums of real clubs
  7. Nexis Prison Wall Set

    I'm gunna use this on my next border lot I'll give u the credit for the wall its better than a wooden fence
  8. UK Border Watch Tower

    I did try to make one that had the same protection area as the police koisk but it would not work
  9. Nexis Prison Wall Set

    this could work well with my border crossings
  10. UK Border Watch Tower



    There are 2 files one is the watch tower and one is the watch tower with a long fence added along to make a secure border it is loosly based on the ranger station and will appear in the parks menu as a ranger station put the sc4 lot files in the plugins folder in the SimCity folder I used the PEG one flag many nations mod Copyright Pegasus Productions SC4Pegasus.Com 2004 This lot contains the Uk flag and the England one I am currently working on a mexican, USA, Canada and The Netherlands versions This is my first lot I did it on Lot editor please give me your feedback EDIT: It does not provide any polce coverage or jobs but the helicopter does work if u already have the army base
  11. ISAT Pipeline Set

    Very original this is going in my city
  12. Brazilian Flag Park

    does it work on rush hour?
  13. Australian Flag Park

    I really want it is their a rush hour version
  14. UK Flag Plaza

    can u make a rush hour compatable one
  15. National Steel Coaster Headquarters

    this has jobs with it so it is better