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  1. Nogovicka 1700.

    How do you get the boats? Lots or BATs? Link?
  2. Update One - Settling In

    Anyone else see that? Someone named John Booth, 3 years before Abe Lincoln's death. Smells suspicous.   I know we don't know that he will kill Abe, but can we kill him for alternative reality purposes?   Or it could be a vote, but he could make a new character.
  3. Some problems

    Hey guys. I was going to update, but I am having problems with imageshack. Even though my images are clearly jpg, they keep transferring to .png. Until I can fix it, this will be on hiatus. If you have anything that could help, please do tell. Thanks.
  4. Galesfeburg

  5. 01/01/00 - 04/30/01 - Capital City

    Thank you guys for the kindness! I am going to update soon.   P.S. Lyhoko, thanks for the tips! Love your CJ, it inspired me. And, like you read, I hope to have connections with you and Schulmania and other CJs eventually, and compete in the Simlympics like you did.
  6. 01/01/00 - 04/30/01 - Capital City

    This is the story of Capital City of the Grangeon Region, governed by Johnathan Hanner. I know I am late, by like 10 years, but I decided to do this after reading a few. I am hoping to have connections to other CJ's such as Galesfeburg and Schulmania. I am also hoping to compete in the Simlympics. Now, for the great journey. DISCLAIMER: I am very new at SimCity 4, so if you have tips PLEASE feel free to tell me. The Plugins folder I use can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zujdydmqlkixrga/eP5AAPQFoI. I just give a link to the plugins folder because I have so many mods it would be a pain, so mod devs, I apologize. They work well as far as I know but this is a lot of mods combined so use at your own risk. Please note that with the extra cheats mod I use I give myself 5 Billion starting simoleons, combined with the you don't deserve it cheat. Please also take note that most mods that I use ARE radical. 01/01/00 - 04/30/01 An overview of the area we will be working with. We will start by flattening the area, for prime area to expand, and maybe leave some mountains. I will set up roads, basic things like schools, police, hospitals, fire stations, power and water. The mayor's name is George Gornth, for anyone wandering. Then I will zone residential. Alright. You can even see houses being built! I will add in a park or two near the neighborhood now. You can also see we are housing Big Ben. Great! Now we have lots of high-wealth sims. I'm going to zone some more residential, commercial, and industrial. This is at 1/29/01. Done. Now I will let some buildings grow and update you guys on this new CJ later. This is at 4/30/01. Poll time! What should we do next? 1: Expand everything 2: Expand Industrial 3: Expand Commercial 4: Expand Residential 5: Add a few more parks Please give feedback and how I can improve. Thanks for reading! Also feel free to point out any errors.