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[SC4] Grangeon Region

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About this City Journal

Capital City, the capital city of the region of Grangeon governed by Johnathan Hanner.

Entries in this City Journal


Some problems

Hey guys. I was going to update, but I am having problems with imageshack. Even though my images are clearly jpg, they keep transferring to .png. Until I can fix it, this will be on hiatus. If you have anything that could help, please do tell.



This is the story of Capital City of the Grangeon Region, governed by Johnathan Hanner.

I know I am late, by like 10 years, but I decided to do this after reading a few.

I am hoping to have connections to other CJ's such as Galesfeburg and Schulmania.

I am also hoping to compete in the Simlympics. Now, for the great journey.

DISCLAIMER: I am very new at SimCity 4, so if you have tips PLEASE feel free to tell me.

The Plugins folder I use can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zujdydmqlkixrga/eP5AAPQFoI.

I just give a link to the plugins folder because I have so many mods it would be a pain, so mod devs, I apologize.

They work well as far as I know but this is a lot of mods combined so use at your own risk.

Please note that with the extra cheats mod I use I give myself 5 Billion starting simoleons,

combined with the you don't deserve it cheat. Please also take note that most mods that I use ARE radical.

01/01/00 - 04/30/01


An overview of the area we will be working with.

We will start by flattening the area, for prime area to expand, and maybe leave some mountains.

I will set up roads, basic things like schools, police, hospitals, fire stations, power and water.

The mayor's name is George Gornth, for anyone wandering. Then I will zone residential.


Alright. You can even see houses being built! I will add in a park or two near the neighborhood now. You can also see we are housing Big Ben.


Great! Now we have lots of high-wealth sims. I'm going to zone some more residential, commercial, and industrial.

This is at 1/29/01.


Done. Now I will let some buildings grow and update you guys on this new CJ later.


This is at 4/30/01.

Poll time!

What should we do next?

1: Expand everything

2: Expand Industrial

3: Expand Commercial

4: Expand Residential

5: Add a few more parks

Please give feedback and how I can improve.

Thanks for reading!

Also feel free to point out any errors.

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