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  1. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    It took me some time, but finally first rural road is on workshop! You can subsribe here HOPE YOU ENJOY!
  2. Seyuba, Project Rich Water

    Seuyba - Map Preview https://youtu.be/hme9-e94nIw
  3. Seyuba, Project Rich Water

    New tree on workshop by @Voeille , I recommend at least check it! Really great job! Keep it up! (Highest tree on the left)
  4. Seyuba, Project Rich Water

    Seyuba released: here Biggest thanks to Ronyx69 who made my dream real. Was really impressed by Seychelles vibe so I decided its right thing! He made absolutely insane job, map theme, lut and rocks - all looks so amazing! He deserves respect!Special thanks to: pdelmo, MrMaison, Sparks, Lazarus*Man, hikke, Czardus, soldyne, vasimr22, BloddyPenguin, Judazz, boformer, Heuristic, thale5, DRen72 Hope you enjoy!
  5. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    First road i will release will be National Highway. It will contain ground and elevated segment. Metal supports as prop, concrete pillar as building. Elevated segment: 1008 poly Lane width: same as vanilla (but shoulders are much narrower)
  6. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    Tried first road, it should be for rural areas
  7. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    Another quay in progress I plan two versions, one with fence on top floor and one without. At the moment trying to add pillars.
  8. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    Thanks much for this answer, now i understand it! Anyway it seems a bit more complicated.. Sometimes i am watching your streams, but i think u didnt do this in stream, right? And I hope there gonna be demand for that mod, because it give a bit more interesting visuals..
  9. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    Thanks much! Actually I tried both. Move UV to different position and mirror them.. I can mirror only in x axe..(In 3DS i can mirror both - x and y axe of texture, but in game i am able to see only x axe change)... Sooooo weird, maybe it isnt working for networks? Or maybe seamless edges? Thats thing i absolutely dont handle..:X But if its true, its real shame
  10. Arnold J. Rimmer - asset creation

    Here is my first serious thing. I called it Angel Quay (assymetrical quay) What do you think? P.S. Have problem change position of one one stair (texture) in Y axe. In 3DS max i see it changes, but in game it is still same.. Now it looks so bad when both stairs have identically positioned texture.. Texture size: 1024x1024 (I think i should use 512x512 because its smaller than for example buildings..but dont know)
  11. Hey, after week of learning again and again same simple things i am finally able to make own thing from zero to final stage, so i decided create own topic to gather all created stuff.. I am big newbie, so i appreciate every help!
  12. Seyuba, Project Rich Water

    Thanks much! Once I see something what can be cool, I try make it even first 10 tries are fail... But interesting is, in other games I dont have patience haha.. Anyway here is relaxing video from Seyuba, hope you like it :-)