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  1. In Mass Transit they added snapping options for roads... for grid, guidelines, angle and lenght.. Mostly i switching between no guidelines and guidelines..
  2. Project Rich Water

    T intersection with turning lane 3 versions
  3. Project Rich Water

    Lovely roundabout
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    I visited Capilano Island by Czardus and build ferry terminal. Was really fun and hope you enjoy ;-)
  5. If you have fine road anarchy.. Then only u have to do is press ALT + c
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Rural intersection
  7. Project Rich Water

    Rural T intersection with turning lane
  8. Show us your Detail Shots

    Looks awesome !:-) Can you link that two cute (Chinese?) pergolas or what is that? This i was searching long time :-D
  9. Project Rich Water

    Another rural living for locals layout
  10. Project Rich Water

    Thanks much Czardus! Means a lot for me!!
  11. Project Rich Water

    Thanks man! I appreciate it!
  12. Project Rich Water

    Independence Avenue pipe works - only avenue in whole city (so i can detail it more)
  13. Project Rich Water

    Tourist living #1