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  1. Hey everyone, I am new to the iLive Reader and had three questions regarding its usage, all regarding residential, but may be applicable to the other zone types. My first question is, is it possible to change a residential buildings capacity to, say from 1000 occupants to 5000? Additionally, within the reader, is there a way to increase the demand for a specific building? And the third question is, in making said changes, if possible, is it necessary to make adjustments to demand cap and cap satisfied after making the adjustments? Thank you again and apologies if this seems trivial. I am a long time player and am looking to make an extremely dense region utilizing the iLive Reader and to mainly use a select few downloaded buildings.
  2. I have been running the game with said rotation cycle and I do get more variety, but still some buildings still do not grow. Thank you everyone for their input. The information regarding iReader seems to be what I was referencing, but could not find. I will try using the block all maxis buildings mod for a bit and see how it goes, but if I have limited success I will dive into tile sets and densities. I do use the census repository and the chamber of commerce, but they only give me information regarding caps and drives, not demands for specific buildings, wealth levels yes, but obviously not for specific buildings. Thank you again everyone but before I wrap this up, I would appreciate it if you guys be willing to send me some links to guides regarding tile sets and growth stages and if possible a guide to alter growth stages to make them CAMpatible, if this is even possible.
  3. Hey everyone, I am a long time player of SimCity 4 and within the past few years have gotten very involved with mods. I have a question and after quite the search could not locate the info regarding my question. I am hoping someone can instruct me, or lead me to a link, regarding which buildings grow within a specific region. I play with the CAM mod and have a number of mods running in my game but more times than not end up with an obnoxious amount of tenements throughout my city. I have no issue with high population regions but would like to see more buildings such as the "Project Hope" low wealth residential building pop up in my cities far more frequently than they are, as well as some other residential growable lots such as the "HK Arch" and others. I recall seeing a video a while back showing how to alter the demand for specific buildings within the game, thus creating a scenario where you can essentially select which buildings you want to grow in a given city at a given time. Any info on this would be great as seeing dozens of the same building in a small city can get boring. I know some buildings are not "Campatible" as the CAM mod alters the density levels to 1-15, but any info regarding how to alter demand for specific buildings would be fantastic. Thank you!
  4. Axel Aluminium Dependancy

    No I do not have those, are they on simtropolis?
  5. I downloaded and installed this. There were no listed dependencies or a read me, so I started right away and the buildings exist, but do not appear. What mod do I need. Right now I have NAM and about 5 different building the EP1 update and the garbage chute.