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  1. Simtropolis Age Poll

    Well I'm 25 an already done a few things in life that many my age haven't even thought about. I been to war. I've been to college. I've gotten married. I am paying a mortgage an I have 1 child to be born April 4th. I've been painting her room for the last 2 days. I get up at 3:30 every morning an I'm in bed by 9pm. Technology is growing at such a rapid pace these days that even someone my age who used to be up to date on the latest an greatest can get left in the past within a year or two if we don't try to keep up.
  2. Simtropolis Age Poll

    jesus old timers lol
  3. Make Historical

    I always wondered what the Historical option done. Now I can feel good that I was right all along.
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Welcome to the forums Yep, SimCity 4 is still alive an packing a punch even with the release of the failed SimCity 2013 which many here have pegged as "Sim Village" due to the overwhelmingly small size of the cities that you're allowed to create lol
  5. Simtropolis Age Poll

    How old are you? Just trying to see what kind of age demographic we have here. Thought it would be interesting.
  6. Noisy Fridge

    Yeah my dishwasher is like a Typhoon coming through the house. I have to turn everything up when it's running.
  7. HTML5 Geolocation

    Well when I was younger (around 15 years old) I used to be all into this Web Design an Computer Programming thing. Seemed to come so easily back than. Now I'm just like lost in space. I keep trying but its just getting annoying that I seem to be so confused when I feel like I shouldn't be. This stuff is so simple yet I take it in a complex subject of which a college degree is need to understand. SMH
  8. A nice glass of water with a granola bar an a banana. Afterwards I'm going to go out for my daily walk an come back for another granola bar.
  9. The sound of my Freezer box humming away - How I wonder when I'll have to whip out the credit card an pay for another one.
  10. Are we "immortal"?

    I don't know about all this math an stuff but I sure hope we are not immortal. This world we live in is a wasteland of poverty due to the destructive nature we all posses. We all see reality as if we are going forward in technology an one day everything will be under complete control. <-- that will never happen. We are doomed no matter what. Life takes its course an regardless of the inventions that we propose will save our humankind in the end what we do not understand will still overtake our being. Thus hence why I'd rather die an be done than come an relive to see the inevitable.
  11. Quote of the Day

    ".... it's always something" --Zombie615 March 1873
  12. The Next Person...

    Isle is like the isle in a grocery store an aisle is ummm hell I don't know - I guess you're right lol The next person is someone who consumes too much caffeine on a daily basis an happens to be American.
  13. American Politics

    Wow I must live under a rock lol! I thought High Fructose Corn Syrup that I see on like every label including every single soda product was bad to ingest. I've been drinking nothing more than water for years now. Is this ingredient alright in small amounts? BTW - My opinion on American Politics is too many people have their hand in the cookie jar an there stuck in it. No cookies left but they can't get out of it so yeah.....
  14. Hex Color Picker

    ...... You lost me at "for example" lmao So basically $200 of the $549 (with tax) that I paid for this computer went toward the Windows 8 that I'm now thinking about switching out with Windows 7? I don't understand how that can be when the APU inside the machine cost roughly $160 an the Motherboard around $120. Than add in the 8gb stick of ram that's around $30-50 (guessing not sure) Than you calculate the labor an the parts like wires. Add in the 1tb HDD that's another $50 or something like that. Plus the the PSU an the shipping from the factory to the store. The store marks it up to help pay their employees an the stocking fee of having it take up space on a shelf. Did I get a bad deal? I'm confused as hell now. Note - It was priced at $499.99 (USD) on the shelf. Tax was a big killer to the price. Q: Is learning C++ a waste of time than?
  15. Hex Color Picker

    What are the small items inside of Windows 8 that make your blood boil? I'm still thinking about going out and pay for the Windows 7 OS cause I'm not sold on this windows 8 just yet. Note - They are dropping support for Windows XP an rumor has it that there could possibly be some type of widespread hacker spree going to too anyone still running that OS. What is the NTFS that you are talking about? I guess if I knew all there is to know about computers my view would change. Since growing up knowing nothing more than the old fashioned windows layout an how to get around on that its kind of hard to just decide to change. They've made it pretty easy for non-computer people to use the computer.