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  1. Essential BAT Tutorial gmax files

    i think this is great. i have been looking at learning the BAT but, don't have all the time in the world since i have major RLS. thanks for the help. also, this isn't the tutorial itself, it is just some example files.
  2. amazing! i have been using the earlier version and enjoy it a great deal. after reading this thread and seeing what is in store, i am all the more excited. should i watch this thread or the peg thread or the simszone site? I don't know the link on the german site.
  3. Growable Farm Pack 1

    i think these rock. the bottom right corner one looks like a farm i remember from wisconsin.
  4. The Lost Empire

    the mid atlantic ridge was at one time in human history above water. during most of the ice age in fact. it only 'sunk' when the glaciers melted during the final meltings at the end.
  5. PEG Screw Pile Lighthouses

    very cool lot, i have it on several of my coastal cities
  6. JMB Advanced Hydroponics

    very cool
  7. Devs Billboard Collection Volume 2

    way to go dev! thanks. i really like the boards and i like how i can mix and match.
  8. Rautalintu Aerospace

    great to see more from you. thanks!
  9. Kellys Escort Service

    will she service other fords? or only escorts? i wonder if she ever gets offended that everyone thinks she is a whore?
  10. Metro City Station

    will it replace the older lot?
  11. Place de lHomme de Fer

    it is very nice, but how about a regular rail version for those not using GLR?
  12. Weather Mod

    great! i have been fiddling with the old rain tool, but looks like this is way better. thank you. when me CJ gets up and running expect to see this in full force
  13. Haven Hospital

    interesting, will have to see it in game.
  14. Landscape Designer 0973 Beta

    i like to use this in conjunction with SCRACC.
  15. Landscape Designer 0973 Beta

    Used to create and modify region maps and config.bmps