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  1. Sorry, didnt mean that to come out negative. I had internet issues on my end so my DL was cut short. That and other assorted RL issues had my temper rising a bit. My apologies for being brusque. I have since completed what I needed to get. Thanks again for the awesome collection!
  2. Nice collection. One gripe tho. Why .rar? It took me a while to find a good .rar extractor that wasnt full of malware, spyware or adware. Much prefer zipped files that my OS can open/extract automatically. Other than that gripe, I really enjoy what i could get of the collection. Keep up the good work!
  3. Regions Graphics bug

    That fixed it GREAT!! Thanks Soo Much!!
  4. Regions Graphics bug

    Only mod I'm running is NAM 31.1. havent been brave enough to try anything else. No other plugins or mods been bade to my computer. I found another thread with the same issue but nobody has a fix on that one either. I missed it during my initial research. As to backups. Is there a way to backup cities? I was thinking if I could, i could just nuke the offending city and re-import it from a backup and see if that fixes the issue.
  5. Artifact when on region

    Just noticed this topic. Missed it when I was researching my issue. I have the very same problem. Been trying to play with the graphics settings now switching between graphics cards and other default settings but no joy
  6. I am having a graphics issue with my Regions screen. One of my cities has a horrible "tower" of background imaging that blocks several other cities on my region map Cant figure out how to get rid of it. Running SimCity4 Deluxe NAM 31.1 Computer: Asus U47VC Intel Core i5 -3210m 2.5ghz 8192m RAM Pagefile 3642used, 12511 avl 750g HD W7 home premium NVidia GeForce GT-620M driver 320.49 - 1 gig dedicated DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver 1696 mb max memory - Default memory DirectX 11 I have 2 graphics card on this machine. The Intel is native default but I have the game running on the Nvidia card. The game install is about 5 months old. The game was purchased and downloaded from Gamestop so I have no actual disc to reinstall from Things I have tried to fix the issue: Rebooting - no fix Not much else I really know how to do. I'm not very experienced at the technical side of computing. I have considered just wiping everything and reinstalling from scratch but I dont want to lose the stuff I have built. plus I dont have an actual install disc so i would have to re-DL everything I think. Dont really want to do that but will if I have to. Not sure how to backup my cities or export the info for backup. Is there a way to export or backup my cities so i can maybe nuke and renstall the game? or does anyone have a way to fix this without nuking it? Thanks in advance> Mal