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  1. Real Population

    I'd rather have big numbers than small numbers. Awesome mod though.
  2. Didn't work. I already entered it.
  3. I've tried everything, but it doesn't work. I got a code from Ocean via twitter.
  4. Can I Run This Game?

    It might run it poorly but it does not meet minimum requirements. --Ocram Really? I run it at 30 FPS now
  5. Can I Run This Game?

    My specs: Intel Core i3 2350M - 2,3 GHz 1366x768 screen Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated 8 GB RAM By the way, it's a laptop, Asus X54C to be exact. Can I run this?
  6. What if SimCity fails?

    Just FYI, most people that love Simcity, will buy the game even if it sucks. At least, that's me
  7. Minecraft

    Ever heard of bridges?
  8. The Great Civ 5 Discussion

    I have played Civ IV, Civ III, Civ II, and even Civ I. And still, I don't have Civ 5. What a shame... anyway, I have no plans buying it. I like Simcity more
  9. Alright, I chose this answer. Because really, this is now like 2 political parties, one is for Simcity 4, and one for Cities XL.
  10. 8GB ram for Cities XL. If that doesn't do it, I don't know which PC does...
  11. Cities XL is now on sale on Steam, and I don't want to spend much money. Or should I just buy SC4 for the sake of getting a "better" game?
  12. L-City redux: Part 1

    Before I start, I want to say I used a unlimited money cheat to make this more interesting. Cheat: link Code: "moolah 133713371337" (Without the quotation marks, also I didn't make this.) First on the list: North District Features: National Airport Really dirty (AKA Air Pollution: 2000%) 51.000 people Second on the list is: South District Features: Newest 400 people No pollution yet Popular resort for people from North (I installed a mod for inter-regional travel) I'll cover the next 2 ones in the next entry, but for now I'll give the statistics of the region: Big 118.000 people Average year: 2020 (brought down by south and east) Plains Has an Atlantic Ocean Cya later!
  13. Simcity 4 is old, but I have played Simcity 3000 and 2000, but Cities XL 2012 looks promising. Which one should I choose?