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  1. Wide Railway Curves Textured

    I`ve searched for something like that months, great!

    The textures are indeed too bright and clean. But, from this perspective, good work (: I only know the COSCO Germany :)
  3. Plopable Cows

    Good work ? Do they run in front of an ICE, or will they stay in the farm area ? :P
  4. Dutch Monumental City Block

    Congrats on your 100th upload. It deserves definitly a 10, like all of your bats (:
  5. CACC Bay View Tower Construction

    Working in progress, and then somebody is working there or why is there light ?
  6. MP WTW Church

    You have strange churches :P
  7. PARIS DIAGONAL Paramount Opera Theatre

    Myam Myam Myam, this detail is amazing and stunning. o.O
  8. BLaM Wal Mart by Creator Fix

    Forgot to rate, 8/10 stars
  9. BLaM Wal Mart by Creator Fix

    Ohh, I thougt it was a re-rendering, I dind't read the text under the picture xD The carpark looks good, great work.
  10. BLaM Wal Mart by Creator Fix

    Self illuminating or why is the building shining in the night ?
  11. Escola Primaria

    Aren't there normaly windows at the backside ?
  12. Xcenter Freight Station

    I have the same opinion as mrbisonm. We gave you a lot of constructive critism, but nothing changed ...
  13. GMBT Dr Friedrich Flick Strasse 14

    What`s up with a closer pic ? ;) And we need more stats, water and power supply, inhabitants and so on...