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  1. I just realized I don't have ped malls, light rail, trams etc... I have NAM 30 installed what gives?... is there any way I can change this?
  2. High Speed Rail Project

    allright, I have a question that may have been answered, I've tried skimming through all the pages in this thread but couldn't see it any where... how do I build a HSR bridge?... when I try to drag it over a river, it just turns into a monorail track... is there a file I need to download first? **edit** nevermind... figured it out
  3. Complete List of Cheats

    has anybody used the 'forceidle' cheat yet?... really curious as to what this does... I've read a description that says it forces the game to use as little computer power as possible, I'm wondering if it will have any negative effects on gameplay, graphics etc... sc4 tends to overheat my laptop, even on lower graphic settings... only solution I've found to this problem, is a homemade cooling system I thought up, which is propping up my lap top over a vent on the floor with 2.5 pound dumbell weights under each corner, works like a charm only It means I have to sit on the hardwood floor, which is quite uncomfortable after a few hours so if this 'cheat' could save me from having to do that, I'd be one helluva happy clam!
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    guess I might as well introduce myself... I'm Loki, 30 years old, live in alberta canada... and I am severely addicted to simcity problem started when i was around the age of 11, when the very first simcity came out on super nintendo... I have played the livin crap outta all the games in the series, and is not uncommon for me to go on 12-14 hour binges... I just can't get enough :| anyhoo... see ya'll in the forums! love this site by the way, been lurking for a few years, figured maybe it's time to join in lol
  5. yeah it's gotta be CAM... I uninstalled it and the problem was solved...
  6. what the hell?... same thing just happened to me... one minute my sims were using it almost full capacity, next minute absolutley nothing... all I did was add a bit to one of my avenues...
  7. really??... because every time I start a new city I always zone 1x1 lots down the sides of streets, and they always pop up pretty much instantly... this only started happening once I installed CAM... I usually do it with comercial lots too... and they also stopped developing with CAM installed. I don't get it :| This has ALWAYS worked for me before... even without mods
  8. No matter what I do, I can't get 1x1 resedential lots to grow after installing CAM.... is this normal?... if not is there a fix? I hate the way 1x2/3 lots look in my cities. the region and city this is happening in are fresh...