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  1. Mountain Travels, Part 2: Meadowsville

    Great town
  2. nuevera... not the big city?

    Its a nice small city. Keep it medium density and i think this could be a great city. Make something that people will remember when they look at your city, that could be really cool.
  3. 20x20 Zoning in a New Region

    When you start your city you might want to make the depth three and the zoning medium density so that when you city and demand is ready for sky scrapers you can dezone and rezone to make thins work better for you.
  4. building development problem

    uninstalled CAM from the programs on my computer and the problem was solved.
  5. building development problem

    i tried editing down my mods and nothing worked. i took them all out and all that did was create a disaster, making it impossible for my citizens to get to a job. i did have a remand mod but i took that out before this started to happen and how do i restore the .dat files the one .dat file i have involving CAM i cannot restore. is it worth deleting and uninstalling CAM from my computer and then trying
  6. building development problem

    i always have school hospitals police and fire, as well as trash and parks. the jobs hover at around 6k demand while the low wealth demand is at 24k
  7. So ive been trying to get new citys to grow but when ever i start them i cant get and of the buildings to grow beyond low density. i zone for medium density enery time in a 8x3 zone block. r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r ========= i have all the buildings powered and watered. when i first saw this happen i uninstalled CAM, should i uninstall all my mods and see if that fixes the problem and then slowly add them in. thoughts please