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Hello! welcome back to my cj, about the country morabe. Let's get up to date here. recently, a tsunami came over my cherished country, flooding lots of countryland around it's river.

I bring to you a reigion view of the permanant effects: a very large swamp was created.morabe-1349660221.png

Now for the island. it was washed out completely. somehow it survived though.


a bigger picture


coral reef- ish stuff


there is alot of driftwood on this island


and here there are a few remaining stumps, left from one of the thickest forests


in this almost 'appocolypsed' country, all of the citizens of morabe are very lucky that they were spared---alot of towns are completely the same as they were before.

In my next update we will explore the new, and fortunate capital.

welcome to the chapter.....named...... REBUILD!

thank you for viewing, please comment.


hello! and welcome back to Imperio De La Paloma. I don't know if you have seen tsunami! posted by blunder, but if you haven't , you will need to.(mine is related to his: http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/2936/entry-18412-the-earth-shakes/).when the conflicting north american plate shifted into the pacific plate, something happened. the north american plate moved away from the european plate. ok so I'm gonna talk some crazy mumbo-jumbo, that probably won't work out. so as the two plates move away from each other, water is sucked into the huge crack, that was just created.


if you haven't yet realized the severity if the situation, consider this, the san andreas fault became a mountain range during the event. If you look at the map, you will see the directions of the plates, which show how the African plate would move away from the south american plate, also moving upward which created a small... more flood like tsunami that struck Imperio De La Paloma.





as you can see, the middle island of the river rio, which housed dell rui was flooded.... But the outside rim remains. even though some parts remain, it has beed decided that the capital will be moved further inand, next to the mih guhsta lake....

Thanks for reading! please comment!


The Capital: Dell Riu

dell_riu-jul._1__651348346761.pngI am just pumping out entries, so i decided to take this one slow. only three pictures. this is the main downtown in Dell Riu at the split of the main river, whisch is simply called riu.dell_riu-jul._1__651348346778.png

Here is the historic downtown, next to the exact place where the city was born.dell_riu-jan._14__651348346614.png

Midtown is on the exact middle of the island(Dell Riu is on an island that is simply called Dell Riu Isla)

Thanks for reading!!

PLease post comments!


nuevera... not the big city?


there is an industrial side across from the river


and here is the main city. nuevera was only a small town 50 years ago, but there was a tourism boom, and the local beaches are beutiful. here are some stats that are TRUE.


-tourism:...... lots

-industry:..... some



welcome to Imperio De La Paloma , or Paloma for short.map-europe.jpg

if you can tell, our country is between France, Italy, and old Germany. the reason we are called an empire, is because we own(ed) all of pars (the country on the south side of the map). also the bit of land in Africa that is closest to Spain is ours. after our wars to conquer lands was over the people of pars realized that they were lucky to be conquered by us . their previous rulers had strict and cruel rules, such as set classes,and NO women's rights.

But our happiness was short lived. after 321 years of peace and procperity, the forgotten parsian army which had fled, came back. land was lost, but not people. the parsian people fled to our home country, while the army tried to at least hold on to our last piece of land... the city of tripoli. Now in current day (2016) paloma we are down to our homeland, although still strong with a population of 5 million people. nuvera, the biggest city with 2 million people is situated on the medaterrainian sea and bell riu river. Also, the capital is situated along the very same river, and has 1 million five hundred people.

Please see my next post and comment!

P.S i don't know how to put sim city photos, please help.

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