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  1. Towers of Steel Revisited

    What about doing the one on top of Mount Lee, in Hollywood?
  2. Hola, tengo los siguientes add-ons: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1664 Que podria ser?
  3. Well guys, im was playing sim city 4, and i wanted to build an airport, so when it finished building up, i noticed that the runway textures were kinda weird. Here is a picture:
  4. Replacement seaport

  5. need help with a region

    already fixed it,just needed to save the cities again without alt tabbing
  6. So guys, i downloaded the "Aligned Manhattan" region, i installed it correctly and followed all instructions, but the problem is that the region mode doesnt look loaded, some maps are flat, no cities shown and so http://imgur.com/xnDrBap
  7. actually i putted power and water, also putter roads so i dont knwo what is missing
  8. So guys, I downloaded this mod: but the lot appears like this: Any help please?? also i have the building props 1 and 2, i dont know what is left to do