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  1. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Nice to see my CJ (Anwakee county) being criticised. Thank you sloppet
  2. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Hi there John! Yeah, it's me... Just wanted to say that sill you're CJ is #1 for me. You've got some mad skillz, great work there! 156 pages - now that's what you call a big CJ.
  3. Want a avatar day?

  4. The Custom Member Label Club

    Originally posted by: Camaron Another new one, callagrafx: Fade To Whitequote> HAHHAHA
  5. The Signature Above Me

    Hmm... well... 8/10
  6. The true picture of America?

    Originally posted by: Grneyes78 Originally posted by: coolotter88 I'd have to say the berlin wall was in Moscow or one of those Soviet cities...you know with the communists or something...Besides, what the heck are we doing in Iraq? the USSR is obviously a much larger threat to the US.quote> The USSR?!?!?! Didn't that fall with the Berlin Wall? Which is in Sweden by the way... they moved it there...kinda like the London Bridge is somewhere out west...quote> Well... no The Berlin Wall was destroyed in the 1989, and the Soviet Union came to an end in the 1991... Some one is politically ignorant here... Originally posted by: football_fever You know they edited out the people that said "wait that's not Iran...that's Australia"quote> Very possible
  7. Post Your Picture Here!

    Yes... Well... He's from Canada, right?
  8. The true picture of America?

    Yes sc4portugal, they did, but I don't find that so funny as you do...
  9. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Ok, welcome.. And remember, this site if free, if anyone tells you to pay for it, it's either sloppet, or a scum who is a thief!
  10. The true picture of America?

    I knew it! Those damn Australians want a new war! Like some old grandpa on the video said, there were 3 WW, so this'll be the 4th one
  11. The true picture of America?

    Well... it's Texas alright... But hey, I wouldn't make an idiot of myself just to be shown on a TV... Sounds like a bit, well.... er... nevermind
  12. The true picture of America?

    Well... in Des Moines, IA there may be nothing to do, but hey, we ain't so dumb!
  13. Well... Some people say Americans are dumb.. I can't say the people of the United States of America are stupid... I bet the people they took to this TV show were paid for giving them those dumb answers... And what do you think about those people? Do you agree or disagree with this picture of a dumb American? Oh, here is the link!!
  14. The Wish Game

    Granted, And it's the first time in history, some one's wish really comes trues... Behold, the ultimate... Big-Mac!! I wish I would get the password to those restricted threads...