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  1. Hello, So I've had SimCity since Christmas and when I upgraded to Update 10, the game would not load past this: I cannot get past this. It doesn't even say "Welcome Back, ___" It just has the little circle in the top right corner moving and nothing else. Please help! EDIT: Nevermind, I had an issue with the Mods. I'm all set now!
  2. Commute Issues

    Yes I use NAM.
  3. Commute Issues

    Take a look at the above picture, it shows the possible route that the people in this house can take to go to work. That said, the commute doesn't seem very long but when I open up the house info box, it says the commute is long. Help would be thanked.
  4. Sunnyvale - part 2

    Hwo did you get the conifers. What mod is it. Also how did you change the water color?
  5. What would you name the new SimCity?

    I voted Sim City 5000 because It reminds me of classic Sim City games, and It would be cool if they went back to it.
  6. Commute Problems

    Already have it, how do I put it into effect?
  7. Commute Problems

    So I'm rather new to posting on this forum so let me say that I'm happy to be here. So in my city of Ash, I purposly put the commercial zones right next to the residential zones so the Sims could have easy commute times. I never put in industry and my commerical literally borders each residential zone, but the problem is that my tall, high density residential zones will get abandoned due to commute even though the commercial is right near their homes... Is there any mods or help that I can recieve that will make the Sims work at the closest possible workplace... Thanks

    How would you change it back?