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  1. Doc's Anti-Pollution Trees

    In the simulation traffic pollution is separated from building pollution.
  2. Doc's Anti-Pollution Trees

    To quote myself from the description: "These will only affect air pollution caused by buildings, not traffic."
  3. Doc's Anti-Pollution Trees

    To be honest with you, I don't know why you are having brown boxes if the .dat is in your plugins yet. The reason there isn't a dependency is because they share the same models as the default trees. You perhaps got a bad download from the STEX which has been known to happen. Try the download again and maybe that would fix it. Only other idea I have is that maybe you have a flora mod or other mod interfering.
  4. Actual Tile Size...

    or.... 0.063 Acres
  5. Manage the buildings?

    exactly. historical buildings can change to an abandoned building but nothing else. using the building query tool you can look at the building stats, the historical checkbox is there.
  6. If you want to play a city building game, SC4 still pretty much the best there is. SC2013 feels like a browser based, social media site's, stripped down idea of a city builder. You might suspect that as a descendant of the previous SimCity games it would reflect them; however they were ALL better then SC2013. Toss in all the community content and you can't find more depth in a game.
  7. You can get rid of the old blue colored UI and you couldn't 2 years ago. Check the link in my sig ^^!
  8. Doc's Greyscale UI

    There was an issue with v1.0 that prevented scrolling down screen if you tried while hovering in the lower left corner.  Today I release 1.1 with that problem addressed; all scrolling now works properly.
  9. Doc's Greyscale UI

    This will conflict in one way or another with other mods that adjust UI.  With that said, a mod that does nothing more then change the news window can still be used with success as long as it loads after my grey mod.  Append the prefix z_ to the front of your news mod file name and it will load after this mod.  That should fix you up.  I do not intend to change the size of the news window or other elements of this particular UI, sorry.  I also play on a high resolution screen and would like some text larger other then news window; perhaps a whole new UI for high res screens is called for if I get motivated.
  10. Privatizing hospitals

    As Joe mentions maybe it isn't loading last. Perhaps a failed version of the mod hasn't been deleted from your plugins folder and is loading last still? Check for hospital/clinic mods residing in your plugins folder and remove them temporarily to the desktop if your not sure if you want to delete them. Prefix your mod like Joe says and it would load last even if a conflicting mod exists. Also, have you verified that your mod (.dat) is in your C:\Users\{username}\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder? As I mention above: It sounds to me as though you have successfully created the mod, so again I am led to wonder if it is in the proper location. Sorry if this question is patronizing.
  11. New UI - Time for a change!

    Good find. I hadn't noticed that before, but you are right it won't scroll down for me if me my mouse is in the corner panels area. I can still scroll left. I must have done something that causes this because the default UI doesn't have this behavior. I'll check into it, should be something fairly obvious. I'm guessing I made the corner a pixel too tall, making it's transparent bottom drop off screen. If that was the case you couldn't actually push the 'edge' because the edge is out of your range. Some photo effects used resize the png if you don't stop it from happening. I probably let that happen. Thanks for the heads up! p.s. I have a bangin cheery blossom camo pattern already sitting in my toolbox waiting to get used. edit: (couple minutes later) The corner is the right size. I'm not sure why it does this. I'll try to fix it, just gonna have to use right-click and drag to scroll diagonally in that direction for now. edit: (10:10pm EDT) OK, so I figured it out. I had to add color to the transparent fill areas and make the fill invisible. Now I can scroll down at the corner. I'll wait a few days before I update version in case any other fixes come up.
  12. New UI - Time for a change!

    In the case of these UI files they don't require # for comments they just begin with the tag. The legacy tags also aren't started and terminated like typical, simply starts <LEGACY =cslid ..... and terminates with a >. As far as code or script goes.. I'm not a programmer so I don't know for sure how to define one or the other. I can say that these files are different from LUA. LUA files contain instructions (scripts) that say things like "when this equals that do this". The UI files more or less act as a database that the .exe refers to when it needs to know where and how to place elements. They only say "this equals that". The .exe says "hey UI file.... I want to put the -whatever- on screen (cslid=xyz); which PNG, and LTEXT files do I display and where, what color is the text, and other things?" The UI file contains all of the information for text colors, resource locations, coordinates, etc for the cslids the .exe asks about.