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  1. Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Addon Set1

    I'm having trouble with brown boxes specifically for lots with tanks in them, both for I-D and I-M. Would anyone happen to know what the specific prop pack(s) for the tanks might be?
  2. Cities:Skylines AMA in 10 minutes!

    1. __A


      I really love how CO engages with the community.

  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Northern Pacific is bound to be involved in this. They just might be sinister enough to stir up trouble somehow...
  4. Cities: Skyline; A new City Simulator Announced By Paradox

    At least we know the maps aren't microscopic...
  5. Cities: Skyline; A new City Simulator Announced By Paradox

    I'm really excited about this one! It (supposedly) has the intricate details of SC4 and the great looking 3D graphics. If modding enhanced SC4 to be as great as it is today, imagine how much change could be done with THIS game!
  6. Living It Up, Bella Vista Style

    Great journal, but I've been looking for that university set in the 7th picture from the top for ages now! Does anyone happen to know the name of it?
  7. SIMCITY 5 - FEB. 2013

  8. Living it up in Big-D :D

  9. Aegon Center Louisville KY

    i saw that in real life. beautiful building, i give this two thumbs up
  10. Best City Skyline

    i would have to say austin, tx. even though i think the dallas and chicago skylines are better, austin has the most potential to have an excellent skyline than any other city in the usa by the end of the decade (see that tall building in the middle? wasnt there 3 years ago)
  11. Bank of America Plaza

    I'm feelin some hometown pride lookin at this beautiful skyacraper. Keep up the good work!
  12. KFC

    thats a great mod, but WAY to many dependencies.
  13. maxis housing glitch

    finally fixed the problem. i had to add the residential realism mod, the mod with fences for the backyards, and it actually fixed the problem. it was either that or it was a glitch in the computer chip that coincidentally ended when i uploaded the game. i dont know if that makes any sense or not, but i just wanted to say that the problem is solved
  14. SC4.com

    I cant even get into the website. It says it is either down or under reconstruction. Maybe the html is broken or outdated? Or worse, they're shutting the site down.
  15. Chapter 1: Airfare

    did this story happen in real life? call me weird, but i wish i survived a plane crash...