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The Lost: Book 1

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Chapter 1: Airfare


My Story Begins at the Airport. I was texting away on my Iphone waiting for my flight's boarding to begin. "Boarding for Flight One-Niner-Zero to Dallas Fort Worth International will begin at gate 8 shortly." said a voice on the intercom.I drew my eyes away from the phone and looked out the window at the 757. The baggage trucks had stopped unloading the previous flight's luggage. Some of the people on the tarmac were nonchalantly sipping away at Starbucks coffee. I wondered what it was like to work at an airport. "Buisness Class Passengers Seats 15 through 26, you may now board the plane. Please hand your tickets to the attendant as you get on board."

I have no idea why airports keep their jetways at 54 degrees farenheit. I handed my ticket to a fair looking attendant. She seemed to be in her mid twenties. She smiled as i boarded the plane and I tried my best not to blush. I plopped myself down on seat 21. The tv in front of me was playing a safety video. Bored, I looked outside. The sky was a beautiful magenta with no clouds.


I was on a buisness trip to Dallas to introduce a greener way to produce our company's products. I had never been to Texas before. My home was in Nevada. It was about 30 miles from Downtown Las Vegas. My thoughts on home and my dog, Oreo (for his Brown and White Spots), were interrupted by the pilot's voice on the speakers. "Ladies and Gentlemen" he said with a british accent. "We are leaving the gate. The weather in St. Johnston right now is clear with a temperature of 64 degrees. ATC is notifying us though that the winds are kind of choppy over Phoenix, Arizona and the weather is overcast over there. Unless that causes some delays, we should arrive on time at Dallas by noon. Dallas is under partly cloudy skies with 10 mph winds. Please pay attention to all instructions given by the flight attendants. There will be small snacks distributed aboard this 2 hour trip served once we reach our cruising altitude. Thanks for choosing American Airlines and we hope you enjoy your flight." As we climbed after takeoff, I looked out the window at the airport. The glass was slightly scratched but I could see it was buisier than usual. Oh right, it's Spring Break for the public schools.


I also noticed a nice hotel by the beach.tapiocacitymay137813090.png

We were given snacks about 1 hour into the flight. I took a diet coke with some crackers and a bannana. I then pulled out my Iphone and turned onto flight mode. I tapped Angry Birds. My friend had told me about it. I watch as the white bird dropped an explosive egg on the green pigs with distorted faces. All of a sudden the plane lurched. The Seat belt sign turned on with a Ding! sound. "Ladies and Gentlemen we are currently over Arizona and the clouds are rather turbulent at this altitude. Please fasten your seatblet but do not be alarmed."But then the plane lurched again. And all of a sudden it was quiet. Like seriously quiet. I realized the plane's engines weren't on. Then I felt like I was freefalling. Cups of coke and random fruit slammed into the ceiling. My seatbelt burned my waist. Oxygen masks fell and then they slammed into the ceiling. I tried to turn my head and look out the window, but the G-force held it in place. And then nothing. No, there was no white light. Just nothing. And then it all went black.

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