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  1. <---SNIP--->
  2. Queensferry ---> WINNING

    Aren't the two buildings near the top in picture in shambles?
  3. Queensferry ---> WINNING

    I see. I would think rockets and cannonballs would manage to ignite fuel. Remind me to never trust Queensferry news again.
  4. Queensferry ---> WINNING

    There are some tanks were you can attach external fuel tanks (such as the T-34), but they're only meant to supplement the primary fuel tank for long distance travel and not for combat purposes. Nowadays, I don't think many modern tanks support that feature as it would be very easy for the enemy to blown up the fuel tanks. Even if the external fuel tanks were punctured, it would be extremely unlikely that ice chunks could ignite the fuel. 1. I would assume Buggula uses modern models.. 2. I agree. I don't see any plausible way for a chunk of frozen water to set fire to tank fuel.
  5. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I'm just a person. I live in Indiana. It tend to be obsessed over reading about international and political topics. I already have gigabytes of mods that I got from alternate mods, so i'll probably not download that much. I'll probably be most active in Off-Topic.
  6. How many tabs do you have open?

    I had a disaster with tabbing a few days ago. Result of TvTropes, FanFiction.net, Wikipedia, random other sites, Google and DevaintArt all open at once. I had a lot of each, about 67 tabs in total. It completely overwhelmed/crashed my poor iBook G4.
  7. Queensferry ---> WINNING

    *-brainwashing over-* I must say, Buggula, You couldn't have done much more to make the lie more obvious. marbl-golf bal- etc. that's very very obvious. Also, isn't the fuel tank protected by armor? That means either the hail was actually pelt from giant armor piercing rounds or the tank's made of plasticine.
  8. Queensferry ---> WINNING

    But, Bugg-whateveritwas, have you considered the opinion of the UN? If your tyranny goes on, most of the rest of the Earth shall be forced to squash your feeble war efforts under their feet. *-brainwashed by onimay-* DISREGARD THE ANTI-BUGGULA PROPAGANDA ABOVE!!! THE MAYOR OF MOKANESVILLE IS HAPPY TO PROVIDE QUEENSFERRY WITH ANY SUPPLIES AND RAW MATERIALS FROM OUR NEW GIGANTIC DICKINSON HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL FACILITY!!!!!!!!! *-is high off special onimay concoction-* hee hee. *shakes* ha ha.
  9. What frustrates you about sim city 4

    I haven't read every other frustration on this thread (so i'll have already put down ones). I get annoyed when I end up having to plop down 7 giant hospitals to serve my city. Or 8 police stations. Or 8 anythings. It's highly unrealistic to have that many in any real city. Also, I once got a crash to desktop right after I finished my million or something population metropolis and was just about to save!:angry::angry: I ended up turning the area into a slum for some reason. Also, it's unavoidable but many mods cause big problem thingamajigs to appear.