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  1. Sim City Movie Trailer!

    Yeah, I couldn't create the same effect with SC4 gameplay :L And Thank You For the Feedback!
  2. Sim City Movie Trailer!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGG7UY2ta4U&list=UUmF2_FvqTY9-opXPCqYW4gw&index=1&feature=plcp I made this for YouTube. It would be great if you could watch it :3 Thanks
  3. Sim City Movie Trailer!

    So hello again! Before i start of thank you all for looking at my last journal on Olympiatia, A new entry will appear soon. Anyway, Last night i started a project to make a Sim City Movie Trailer for my YouTube channel. I thought "where else to post it but on Simtropolis". Please Could you leve feedback on the Trailer if you can, it would be much appreciated! Thank You. And here is the link-----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGG7UY2ta4U&feature=youtu.be
  4. The Region of Rodentia: Marmot Hollow Rising

    Looks amazing, especially the Mayors House. Great Job
  5. Going to work on new City Park in Feltnamshire today

  6. Olympic Park.

    Thank you
  7. Olympic Park.

    haha Thank you it's my first Journal.
  8. Olympic Park.

    In the country of Matsui lies the Olympic heart of the land, Olympiatia. With great connections to the capital, Forlenfield and Financial centre, Leakton (Both in different regions) the city thrives from sport and a young population. The Olympic Park was finally finished 2 weeks ago for the National Olympics. With the population just bursting through 500,000 more and more people are moving to the City That Has No Limits. Although worries of a recession in early July the city has pulled its way through the dark into the glorious light of the Olympic Buzz, also prospects of holding the III Summer Olympics may come around in mid October the Government are set to see great things from this city. So what about you? Are you in the olympic spirit? Will you be moving to Olympiatia?

    i don't know how to get it working. I have left it in SimCity4/Plugin and nothing seems to work. Please Message me with the solution as the plugin looks amazong Thanks