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  1. Tree-lined avenue Mod

    how do i install it !!!!!!!
  2. Tree-lined avenue Mod

    doesn't work
  3. Sneak peak 2.0

    how do you make this sidewalk or cliff ? what do you use ?
  4. Tree-lined avenue Mod

    how do i install it ?
  5. hi i have a problem ... i just can't buil any fery terminal and i don't know why it tells me that when positionated corectly the footprint will turn blue...but it never turns blue... i am positionating it corectly but is just not working
  6. Show us your parks!

    where i can find this park set and how do i install it ? sorry i am new
  7. Roundhouse

    how do i install it ?
  8. Show us your parks!

    how do i make alleys in my park ?
  9. Malls in Your City!!!

    Baneasa Shopping City from Bucharest, Romania AFI Palace Cotroceni from Bucharest, Romania The Largest Mall from Romania and Eastern Europe
  10. Favorite European Cities

    those 92 meters underground are the basement but that basement it has rooms and tunnels you can watch the Top Gear Episode in Romania, they had drive thru the tunnels of this building
  11. Favorite European Cities

    question one: my bad...is not only the parliament, is also - The Presidency - High Court of Cassation and Justice - Government Ceausescu tried to copy the Kremlin Style and the country to be controlled from that place is a legend about that building...something like under that building are escaping tunnels and that kind of stuff some details: 270m by 240 m, 86 m high 92 m underground 1,100 rooms 12 stories tall the cost was over $10 billion According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Palace is the world's largest civilian administrative building, most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building. question two: i'm not sure what is that thing
  12. Favorite European Cities

    University Square Sattelite View The Biggest Building In The World is the Parliament of Romania The Arch of Triumph like the one from Paris Panoramic View of the City Center the city is mix between comunist arhitecture, modern, and bulidings from the period between the two wars
  13. about environment

    yes you're right
  14. about environment

    ok...buy it cost too much and the same with health...i have clinics and hospital but all my sims are low health
  15. about environment

    another problem...i have schools and highschools but it says that my sims have low education...why ?