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A corporate empire...

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Good day! Hello I'm the leader of UCBNA and I'm proud to announce that UCBNA will be participating in the global movement called Earth Hour. 130+ of countries and 1000s of cities has participated in the year 2011 for this global event. Cities across the country of UCBNA will go dark at 8:30-9:30. I advise leaders whether you be a dicator,emperor, or president of the SC4 community to participate in this global event as UCBNA has.














Remember to turn off your lights at 8:30-9:30pm, today where ever you may live!


JMCNNews Specials:JMCGov.increases funding for UCBNA military.

Navy 4star General "Mc"Artie: In response to growing tensions throughtout the world we have increased the size and funding of the military. The Montgomery Naval Base is one of the first few naval bases that will be built along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and UCBNA territories. The Montgomery Naval Base houses more than 100ships including battleship,submarines,and aircraft carriers.


Submarine pens


Barracks,communication center,nuclear missile site,and a dozen battleships docked



Arsten,Cyten City

Arsten is a small nice,friendly nieghborhood just located southwest of the financial district of Cyten.You can find many things to do such as go to the football stadium of the Arsten Alligators.



The otherplaces you can go visit is Main Street.There you can find local resturants,a museum,many stores and galleries.Many of the buildings found in this part of town is still under construction but is expected top open 1-3years from know.





The residential is populated by middle-class and some high-class residents.



Just across the Canal is the Cyten City Financial district were thousands go to work everyday.






Though the threats of a zombie apocalypse is unlikely, we live in a time in which we can create and manipulate all kinds of bio weapons. The contents of this guide includes what to do when zombies infestations are internal or external, should you kill your zombified friends and family,surviving a break down in society, and more.

Should other countries get infected by zombies UCBNA will go into a continental lockdown. The borders of Mexico/South America will be shut down.No traffic of any kind will be permitted to get through.Planes headed for UCBNA will all be shot down,ships entering UCBNA waters will be sunked, and those who get through the borders will be killed.


Internal infestation

Should there be an internal zombie infestation the first cases will most likely be found in hospitals.


The first few cases will most likely be people who starts to experience bizzare symptoms and are rushed to nearby hospitals. Doctors will be the first to notice these symptoms. If the person is extremely resistant and is attempting to bite you, the doctor or the medical staff should shoot the patient in the head and send the corpse to UCBNA labs.Should the infection spread throughout the hospital the area will be quarantined and everyone who tries to get out will be killed. If the infection gets out of the quarantine zone the city will be locked downed. If the infection is not contained the city will be razed to the ground with hydrogen bombs.

Should multiple cities be infected the entire state or region will be blocked from getting out. If the infection is failed to be contained we will initiate plan Omega-delta A1.

Omega-delta A1 is a last ditch effort to save as many people possible. Many important officials such as CEO John will be brought into underground bunkers,super ships, and or military installations. After 48hours of the order being executed bombs will light up the sky worldwide.

What should you do as a citizen?

First of all you cannot rely on the government for assistance in a situation such as this.Here's a good example.

Instead read this poster.


Should you shoot your zombified friends and family?

If you want to survive then yes shoot them in the head.

Do not tie your friends or family and keep them in the attic or basement in the hopes of a cure being released.

Where to find food and shelter?

We encourage citizens to go to UCBNA bunkers and or military installations but most likely only a handful of you will actually make it.So we encourage you to grab food from supermarkets,and stores. If we are able to drop food we shall drop them in designated locations. Malls and schools provide excellent shelter the problem is there is a large chance there will be groups of zombies there.

How do you know your city is marked to get razed to the ground?

We will announce that the city will be destroyed via phones,radio,jumbo screens,and the UCBNA EBS.

Where should you go to prevent being obliterated by Omega-delta A1 ORDER. The countryside is your best bet.But also going to UCBNA bunkers or installations is another way.

With that being said

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THE EVENT OF A ZOMBIE INFESTATION IN YOUR CITIES,AND YOUR COUNTRIES?Pst in comment section or make a cj responding to this question.


CEO John: I unlike many lead by history's example. George Washington warned Americans more than 300years ago about the dangers of getting entagled with the affairs of other nations. What was the U.S failed to heed this warning.Joining alliances such as NATO and the UN, letting others influence their decisions. I heed this warning and with that being said I'm stating the neutrality of UCBNA . We will not send foreign aid, We will not join alliances, and We shall not get involved in the affairs of others unless it directly or indirectly affects us in which we shall react.


However we shall open up trade routes in all 150 states to every nation in the World Community. One of our primary goals is to be eventually the biggest exporter of goods. We estimate by 2050 most products will have "Made in UCBNA".



(Oldie but a goodie hehe)

Now Mega Airports on Modern Marvels...


The Cyten City International Airport is currently one of the largest airports in UCBNA. The airport has more than 9terminals and can have as much as 2000planes go through the airport in one day.

Joe Hansbery (Chief Architect of CCIA):Part of the reason CCIA is so large is due to the expected amount of traffic it will be handling on a daily basis. It is expected 1000s of flights will go in and out everyday.Tens of thousands of passengers from all over the country and from other nations in the Simtropolis community is expected to go through the airport.

ccaoverview.jpgWest Section

ccao1.jpgEast Section

Man:One of the unique things about CCIA is the length of its runaways. It is reported to be about 3.5miles(19000ft+)The reason being the large amount of air traffic expected to land.The other reason is plane's can just line up and take of one by one.


(CCIA found in the northeastern part of Cybeton)

Joe Hansbery:One of the many challenges was the location of the airport. It had to be in a place where it's not going to cause noise pollution and a place where it's easily accesible.One of my staff said why not build it on Montgomery Island. Just like that a lightbulb popped.

Man: The location where the airport was picked to be built presented diffucult challenges.The runaway had to be built horizantally of the runaway would have been too short.A large bridge also had to built to connect Cyten City Financial District and Montgomey Island.Parking spaces was also an issue.The parking spaces you see outside the airport pales in comparison to the underground parking lot.Joe Hansbery was responsible for proposing to build an underground parking network under the airport.

Andy Wilsen (Air traffic controller): One of the many challenges we face is directing air traffic. We have to make sure everything is in sync or an accident is waiting to happen.

Man:The control tower of the airport houses a super computer where it tracks flights worldwide.This super computer calculates,callibrates,and does everything an ATC does except faster and more efficiently.


Carla Baxton:I: I'm the Head of the A380terminal. One of the cool things about CCIA is that it is one of the 1st airports in the Mega Region Vyster of 15states to have A380S land on the runaway.

Joe Hansberry: CCIA is definently huge. It's about twice the size of Oceanside and it will be serving several generations from now.

Stay tuned as we ....




JMCNNews Transcript 10.25.11:Hello this is anchor Kate Williams and Manderson live on JMCCNews!Today on the news the Cyten International Airport is still underconstruction as government contractors work 12hour shifts to finish this airport.


In other news wide spread blackout was reported at Cybeton. Sources say one of the computers at the Neptune's Energy Corporation (JMTrademarked) short circuited. Without the regulation of the electricity local sub stations overloaded. This resulted in additional stress on other power sub-systems which failed due to overwhelming amounts of excess electricity. We now learn this mess was caused by one of the staff of NEC spilling their coffee on the keyboard. In other news oil was discovered of the coast of Cyten.Experts estimate there is 7billion UCDollars worth of oil reserves.Drilling will start by mid November says NEC.

Now for the weather.

James Olliver:Technopolist today will be very humid as temperatures rise to a high of 83degrees. As it hits nightfall the temperature will be 43degrees. At Cyten City it will be a high of 78degrees,low of 45degrees.Finally Oceanside will see a high of 87degrees and low of 53degrees as the sun sets.Back to you..........................


UCBNA Origins..

All nations have stories of how they rise.... and eventually their downfalls. This particular story started more than 30years ago. Back before JMC was a super power it was an average blood sucking corporation like any other and Canada,Mexico,and the U.S.A were still sovereign nations.

Fall of the U.S.A Empire (Yes the U.S.A is somewhat an empire due to the fact it is in more than 150nations,waging multiple wars, and have over 900bases worldwide.)

America's downfall is very complex. Multiple wars,trillions of debt and failed policies eventually brougth the downfall of the U.S. With a staggering $15trillion of debt U.S dollars, the usd lost its place as the world's reserve currency as countless countries dumped their dollar reserves. Without this simple anomaly the U.S dollar would have collapsed years ago. Not long after this occured the stock market plummeted causing the greatest depression ever to be known in the us. Martial law,nationwide curfews,and austerity measures riled americans as millions protested in the street. JMCorporations being the riches corporation of the time offered to pay the entire us debt if they promise to pay it back. The U.S gov. quickly accepted this deal but little did they realize that they will eventually ended up in the same place they are now because the U.S government failed to change it's course and continued wars, and other policies which allowed this to happen this to happen in the 1st place. With no money left to pay back JMC,the U.S started handing over infastructure, government buildings, states, and the government itself. Once JMC was in power, all corporations and most bussinesses at that time were merged with JMC.US_National_Debt_Chart_2010.gif

Annexation of Canada

CEO John while satisfied with the takeover of America was still hungry for more. In the year 2018 he declared war against Canada. The war only lasted 2months before the Canadian govenment fell to U.S troops. Canada was then split into 45 different "states". All corporations and bussinesses based in Canada merged with JMC.


(Ignore the date the paper was printed)

War in the Southwest

Mexico increasing hostility with the U.S forced the JMC gov to go to war with Mexico. This bloody conflict lasted 5months with casualties reaching 400k. The capital of Mexico was captured and the rest country fell. Mexico was then divided into 55 different "states". All coporations and bussinesses based in Mexico was merged with JMC.

With Mexico,Canada,and the U.S unified CEO John decided to call this superstate UCBNA The United Corporations and Bussinesses of North America.This final expansion of the JMC Empire was the last straw for the global community. A resolution was passed stating that if JMC expands even more Russia,China, and European Union would go to war with the JMC gov. CEO John was forced to halt the UCBNA War machine for now............

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Cyten City Teasers

JMC8News:This is Kate Williams live on the Channel8 News Chopper. We're reporting live at Cyten City where on going construcion of the government sponsored project is rapidly progressing.....






Channel 56: No Max don't do that you'll regret it!Why should I?You....WE INTERRUPT THE CURRENT PROGRAM FOR A SPECIAL NEWS BROADCAST

JMChannel 8 Transcript:Hello this Kate Williams and I'm reporting live infront of the Government plaza at Technopolist. CEO John called for this annoucement a few hours ago but did not tell us to why. At this time we do not know what he has called us for but it must be important for this is broadcasting on every channel and on phone lines.

Press Secretary: Que the music

CEO John: Thank you Thank you. Hell my name is CEO John and I'm announcing a government sponsored project to build a new city called Cyten City. Due to overcrowding in Technopolist we have decided to build another city to accomodate the increase of people living in the region. We have no further details to announce at the moment.


A day in Oceanside


Watson: Hey there neighbor. You new here.

Joe Stanson: Yeah, me and my wife just moved here.

Watson: I bet you'll love this town. We have everything. By the way where did you use to live.

Joe Stanson: I used to live in Technopolist in one of those high rises.

Watson:No kidding?

Joe Stanson: Nope

Watson: Want a tour of this place?

Joe Stanson: Sure.


Watson: Here's the local Target.Pretty large ain't it

Joe Stanson: Yep.

Watson: Not only there's a target there's also Dick's Sporting Goods, Barnes and Nobles, and a coffee shop.

Joe Stanson: Nice.



Watson: Here's the Nellis Avenue Bridge connecting Oceanside and the brand new city, them JMCGov is building.Also this is where the Oceanside Ports are. Did ya know they haul in 1,000tons of cargo every year?

Joe Stanson:Didn't know that until now.


Watson: Here is the center of town.This were most of the local offices,hotels,and resturants are.

Joe Stanson: I'll keep that into mind


Watson: Most townfolks here work at factories or go out of town to highrise offices.Thats pretty much all of the town.Well see ya later.

Joe Stanson:Thanks Watson.



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Oceanside Orswell Radio(OOR) GOOD Mooorniiiing Oceanside!This is Oceanside Orswell Radio broadcasting live from the Genesis News Radio Station. It is 7a.m.,Thursday morning. Weather today is high of 79degrees and low of 68degrees...


...It is fairly clear this morning with no traffic on I-98...


...Construction is still in progress of the JMCorporations Twin World Trading Headquarters.It's estimated construction will be completed in 5-7years...


...The World Trading Headquarters complex finally opened their doors to waves of employees after the last of the office furniture were brought and placed in the building...



and now for some muusic...

Allison Nightly News(ANN) Good evening Oceanside this is Mr.Allison and tonight is fairly clear with some clouds straying around...I-98 is currently filled with traffic as many office workers head home after a long day of sitting in cubicles...



Oceanside Overview


Meanwhile northeast of Oceanside...


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Things to come

JMCNN Breaking news transcript: At 6:37pm Corporate Executive Overlord John signed a bill boosting funds for the developement of Oceanside by 35billion dollars. He said this large boost of funding was to ,"increase the rate of developement of Oceanside to finish this section of the city". With 35 billion dollars ,armies of constructions workers were hired and sent to Oceanside. 12billion dollars of raw materials were brought from neighboring countries into the port of New Port in anticipation for the OSDP(Oceanside Developement Project). In other news CEO John mentioned that he will be increasing the funding of the military. The small military of the nation of the United Corporations and Businesses of North America was a "weakness to be exploited" according to General Andrew Hoover. "The threat of war coming to the defenseless nation of UCBNA is however minimal but we cannot take chances", said the general. Large military installations including naval and air will be built around strategical locations. Many factories in Tecnopolist will start manufacturing guns,ammunition,aircraft,tanks,etc... .With that being said this concludes this edition of the 6 o clock news.This is anchor Smith Willer and Samantha Bextar and this is JMCNNews.



Ding ding ding...Jackpot!Congratulations your the 3rd Winner today!


Welcome to the city where fortunes are won and lost in a single night.

This small stretch of land is home to more than 10 different casinos.



Not only this part of town is famous for its casinos, but its 2mile long boardwalk




There's also a large stadium west of town.


Need a drink? Head to the cocktail lounge/observation tower. From there you have 3mile view of around the city!


and when you're done visiting you can head back to the airport





Welcome to the Matterson International Airport the 3rd largest airport in the region.We hope you enjoyed your flight to Technopolist.



As you leave Gate SSD3 please head to the main building and pick up your luggage


As you leave the main building there are various ways to travel to and from the airport.There are many places to visit while your in town including Casinoland in Beachside, Corporate Square and historic oldtown.


Is your flight delayed or need a place to stay? Near the airport is a large group of many popular hotels and resturants.You can take the monorail to and from the airport


Need parking theres plenty of space!The monorail is nearby to bring you to the airport.


We hope you find your stay as comfortable as possible and remember to visit again





True to my word I have built a large highway network, however they are subjected to change and serve as a guideline for towns and small communities I will be building in the future. I also did a major facelift of region. To the west you will notice a large mountain range. Also dont mind the names I given while building a large highway network I will change them later.

To do list:

build custom airport

tourist destination

farming land

another city as large as Tecnopolist

and etc


Some updates

Well due to the fact that I play WoW way too much many of the cities I planned on building were delayed and not even finished. I'm overwhelmed about which city should I build first and which one to finish. So I decided that im going to bUIld a large system of highways first then start building towns and cities around them.

Meanwhile heres some pics on the progress I have so far.


Here is the transportation map.I will provide an update later with all the highways built.


Here is just a birds eye view


This one is old town.Sorry for the bad repetition of the buildings


This is beachside


This is beachside ports


This is rush hour at night

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