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  1. 7.1 million in jail

    Not only race but any person who do not have money to hire a lawyer. You stand a good chance of going to jail in the US.
  2. 7.1 million in jail

    some of the people on here are off track on the suject of private jails. I am a African American and I stand a real chance of going to jail in the US simply because I'm black with limited resources to hire a lawyer If something were to happen with the law. Many small towns compete for these jails to help their local economy. The people who atre targeted are minorities and the poor white people for the most part. Don't believe just look at the man who took the 50 billion, where is he at ? in his apartment. Now if it where a poor person he would be in jail by now. The US is full of scared white people who belive in locking up anyone who they are scared of. That's whysome politician get elected they run by instilling fear to rhe white people who are afraid of their own shadow.
  3. Snow in Sidney?

    what's the big deal when you get snow that stay's around for a week or two then I'd sound the alarm BTw I live in Cincinnati Ohio and two years ago in january we had temps in the 80 for about 3 days now that's something to be alarmed about. but just a trace of snow is a natural fluke.
  4. Where do they find these people?

    This is what you get when you have a generaion that grew up with everything has kid, or to much time on their hands in the case of the burning, many American just out for what they can get and don't care that most of the world just make due or don't. Maybe Obama's pastor is on to something when he said what he said. BTW I am an American born in California rasied in Ohio.
  5. Toronto VS. New York

    Hey don't Toronto compare it's self with Toronto you know Toronto the city and Toronto the suburbs and see how that goes.
  6. Toronto VS. New York

    Hey don't Toronto compare it's self with Toronto you know Toronto the city and Toronto the suburbs and see how that goes.
  7. American 2008 Election

    Why is it that every time we have an election cultural matters become the dividing line, if you look around and see past you own fears you'll see that the ship is sinking and we all will drown if we don't attend to what really matters. "The boat is sinking"
  8. China's Short March

    If China wants to implode, then let them that is their right so let them build what they want how they want , it would'nt be anybodies fault but thier own.
  9. Zune: The Second Generation

    tru that , I think ipod is better zune is just a rehash of what apple has already done,btu foreal I'm waiting for when they can transmit it directly to you head lol. but maybe microsoft will one day think outside of the window.
  10. Detroit & the Rust Belt

    I live in the rust belt and true most of the manufacturing jobs are gone due to out sourcing to cheapper countries such as india and China. but in the future water will replace oil as the most important resource on earth and thats one thing we have is water. Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Cincinnati and other cities in the rust belt will come back as soon as they figure out what is going to be the next new thing that will fuel their economies
  11. Propose a building - get it batted by me

    i"d like to see museam center (union terminal) in cincinnait batted this building looks like the Hall of justust from the cartoon super friends
  12. Many Canadians fear third world war looms

    we are already in ww3, it's a war between the west and Islamic extremist, as for Canada joining the US that has happened already remember NAFTA.
  13. Do it really matter if the USA has the tallest building in the world no because a country like china will build one even taller. Most planners know that after 80 stories the cost rises to become impractical. How tall a counties buildings are is no measure of how great a country is . it's the people that make a country great. If you want this country to be the best then you stand tall in everything that you do and we'll be the best in the world. Remember buildings do come down ( 911 ). A building of that size in this country would most likely be built in Chicago. happy 4th
  14. First National Tower

    cool art-deco building would look nice in any major urban center.
  15. AS Generic Lot Set 5 Smalltown USA2