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  1. 1. The Introduction

    Wow! This is simply amazing for a player who has only been playing for 1 month.
  2. American Politics

    I agree, I don't think it is rational or humane to be able to kill people thousands of miles away in a different country using a device that looks like a video game controller. More innocent civilians die from these attacks than actual terrorists. Many, many people have died from these strikes who have nothing to do with extremists. Either way, I don't think these drone strikes should be used. We should try to take a more diplomatic approach to any dispute before we invade other sovereign countries and terrorize their citizens.
  3. The Worst Song You've Ever Heard

    Yuck! That has to be the worst rap song I've ever heard! The worst songs I've heard have all been country.....but now I can add this song to my list.
  4. Laguna Province (Beta version)

    Things done correctly: 1. Created a map 2. Learned how to upload it on the Stex   Things that you need to work on: 1. Originality 2. Contours 3. Realism 4. Practicality 5. The Description 6. Pictures 7. Background Knowledge 8. Getting a picture without development 9. Etc.... Etc... Etc...   Long story short, you really need to take a look at your Map and critique it to some of the other maps here. Honestly, I don't think you should be uploading your first maps onto the Stex if they look like this. I've also seen that you've uploaded some other maps with the same name, please take care of that. If I were you, I would take this down immediately and take a look at what other people have created and possibly ask how they have done it. Good Luck.
  5. Traffic information

    That's not what he was trying to ask. Traffic information tells you how people get to their destination and the kind of transport they use; whether it be by car, monorail, train, etc. Keep in mind that freight trucks and freight trains usually don't signify much except for how freight leaves the city from your industries. Traffic Information is useful if you want to look at which transport systems are used, and which are not. This helps you plan for new roads or transport, or helps you see how you can make your existing ones more efficient. --Themaroonday
  6. 7.2 Earthquake in the Philippines.

    ​Ouch! First a Hurricane and now this? Looks like the Philippines is getting slammed by 2 monsters in the same month .
  7. Slavery around the world.

    This is deplorable. I can't believe that this many people are treated like this all over the world. Countries and communities need to carry out laws that combat these kinds of injustices. Simply deplorable...
  8. Sadly yes, but for small residential I can seem to fit in nice patterns and curves. It just doesn't look as attractive and is much less efficient for larger buildings and skyscrapers.
  9. 5. South Medang, The Coastline: Part One

    Looks great. But a suggestion would be to add trees or flora to the empty spots in top part of the picture.
  10. My Residential zoning is usually very varied. I like to create interesting street or road patterns and zone in intricate ways. It helps give my city a unique look and feel rather than having squares or rectangles dominating my city. Unlike Commercial or Industrial zones where square or rectangular patterns are almost essential to efficient growth, Residential zones have the ability to mold to almost any street or road pattern.
  11. Laguna Province (new version)

    I think you should try to adjust the terrain so the terrain between cities in the region are seamless. Also, I think you have too much variation in select spots, and absolutely no variation of terrain in other areas. I think you should balance out your terrain variation so that the region looks like a real map. I think you should be thinking more regional rather than of individual cities. Anyways, keep trying. 
  12. What I do is I put eight 1x2 or 2x2 high density zones in a square equivalent to the size of a 4x4. With that, you can create commercial lots quickly, and over time, those lots can grow into a single, large 4x4 building. That prevents having to wait for a 4x4 building to appear or a small low-density structure occupying my 4x4 space. Efficiency is key.
  13. Got Sweden as well. I like Sweden.
  14. Building beautiful cities...scratch the beautiful part...