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About this City Journal

Journal for playing cities in Bintan Island region

Entries in this City Journal


1. The Introduction

# Before I start, I want to admit that my English is not too good, since it is my foreign language. So, if there any mistakes that couldn’t

be understand or become a misunderstanding, feel free to correct me.

OK, this is my first journal. Before we get into, I will tell one or more things about me in SimCity 4. I just started to play this game in

about one month ago. I’ve known this game first time by a thread in one of Indonesian forum, Kaskus, that is the largest Indonesian

community. I learnt many information enough about SC4 in there. So, if you are also from Indonesia, and you are ‘Kaskuser’ (a name

of Kaskus member) let me know you so we can meet in Kaskus :D

And finally I’m interested in custom contents and mods. Then I was led into some exchange website, like Simtropolis and

SC4Devotion. And then I joined and began to download many interesting mods, maps, lot’s, bat’s, etc. Thanks to many uncounted

persons that have gave their efforts to make many and many help for new player like me by provide information, tutorials, tips, etc.

So much I played a city in different region, but it never complete due one or more reason. I keep delete the old one and played the

new one. One reason is, it was occur whenever I installed new plugin, and resulting the crash. Until, I decide to make a journal and

take a serious to my region and city. I would not install new plugin or at least minimalize it to this region, because I have all what I


The region I played currently is called Bintan Island. This region was created by an Indonesian BATter, roe99 – he is also a member

of Simtropolis and has gave many contributions through his BAT buildings to STEX. His BATs are awesome :D

The original Bintan Island region made by roe99 is 20 x 20 small city in size. But, I have edit it slightly just to remove ‘Bintan Island’

text-shaped islands :) This region was based on real map.

A few preface for Bintan Island.


Bintan Island

Bintan Island is located in Riau Archipelago province in Indonesia. The capital of which, Tanjung Pinang, lies in the

island's south west coast and is the island's main community.


This island has 3 goverment; those are Tanjungpinang City Goverment that is located in Senggarang, Bintan Regency

Goverment that is located in Bandar Seri Bintan, and Riau Archipelago Goverment that is located in Dompak.

Bintan Island is adjacent to Singapore.

Top tourist destination in here is Bintan Resort, a spectacular beach that located in northern part of the island, which

is 23.000 acres on the white beach toward South China Sea.

The island also has an interesting history in Tanjungpinang and Penyengat, which offers opportunities for surfing,

adventure and eco-tourism for students and families, but also ideal for relaxing and health. Meanwhile, for those who

love diving, Anambas Archipelago in the South China Sea offers unspoiled dive locations, that can be reached from

Tanjungpinang airport.


In the 18th century, traders from Europe, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British fought each other for this island.

At that time, the island is a part of the Malay Peninsula that controlled by Johor-Riau Sultanate, which is alternately

occupied between Johor (today, located in Malaysia) and Bintan Island (today, located in Indonesia).

In 1884, the Britain and the Netherlands closed their opposition on the island by signing the Treaty of London, which

then all areas northern territory areas of Singapore was given to British, while the southern territories region of

Singapore handed over to the Dutch.

Since then, the fate and history of the north and south area of Singapore was separated. Singapore became the center

of Britain trade development, while the Dutch concentrated in Jakarta and Java, leaving Bintan Island.

In recent decades, due to the friendly relations between Indonesia and Singapore, an agreement was signed between

the two sides to develop Bintan island together that will benefit both countries in the Free Trade Zone Batam, Bintan

and Karimun.

The first form of this agreement is the development of Bintan Resorts, the beach tourism destinations, which is

covering an area of ​​23,000 acres on the beautiful white sands of Bintan that facing the South China Sea.


Alright, back to the game.. :)

Since Indonesia is a tropic climate, so I’ll play with tropical-theme.

To achieve the condition, I use Yucatan Terrain mod by LBT and rock mod (dark igneous) by dogfight. And for the trees, I use HBS

Tropical Flora God Mode, NBVC CP Tropical Plants, GDV Mayor Tropical Tree Set, SFBT Tree Replacement Mod, etc.

As for the Introduction, I will post some teaser pictures (I just played one city already. It is under development, but it almost done).

Here are some teaser pictures of my city.

The coast of Kijang City. It has a Car & Passenger Ferry terminal as a transportation mode on the sea, and 2 GDV Yacht Clubs as

the recreational for inhabitants. Meanwhile, the water is a Dark Blue by Drunken Water Mod.


Here is the road. For the realistic reason, I constructed it with nearly random direction. Smoothing the curve using NAM curve. The

road texture is Euro-style (from SFBT Euro Road Texture). It seems similar with Indonesian road commonly – it is dashed white line.


And the last, here is some part of residential area. There are no high building here, so don’t hope to see even a sky crapper. I’m

intend to make a rural, or small town. To suit it, the houses I use are Slum Set (ex. BLaM FBP Shanties Pack), BLS House, etc., as

you can see the picture below. I also keep the standard Maxis building (yeah, gaming viability reason)


Note: My hometown is one of cities in Bintan Island. So I know the actual condition more or less here, start from the city name to the

building condition. Notice that the road is not constructed appropriately to the real one. I just condition it with my imagination and

gameplay viability. I play it with no cheating, so I need some strategy to get money. The only cheat I use is “DrawPath” as for

debugging to construct RHW interchange.

And also, the house, commercial, and industry building is not same to the real one. They just a reflection to describe to the real one.

Last words, thanks for reading my short introduction city journal :) Feel free to comments and if there any question just say it. It would be pleasure if there any suggestion to me for better development :D

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