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  1. NYBT BAT Thread

    Thanks SimHoTToDy Well I've made those changes to the model and checked it over. My next question is now what? If I'm over-spamming this thread, let me know.
  2. NYBT BAT Thread

    The co-ordinates are 40.692852, -73.978790, and it's the building on the western side. Since, I've made some more progress with details on the roof as well as a ficticious base in case I can't find a look at the actual ground floor. I'm not actually certain as to what detail I can put in with things like the roof, which is pretty empty apart from the roof access and the AC unit. In my reference shots, there's a feature of some of the windows which is hard to distiguish in that it could be open windows or AC units on the outside of the building. There's the made up frontage so far.
  3. NYBT BAT Thread

    So I've done some alterations based on the advice of SimHoTToDDy and SimFox, concerning the windows. Also, I noticed that the doors were too close together (they aren't shown in the reference I've posted but easily seen from Bing bird's-eye). Also, as requested, the front orthographic. One problem I've had is that I can't find any reference wherein the ground floor is visible because of tree cover, would you suggest I make one up? If so what kind of building should I draw from?
  4. NYBT BAT Thread

    So I thought I'd dive right in with my first model to see how I did. This is my progress so far with one of the buildings in the Kingsview Homes apartment complex, on the same block as the Brooklyn Hospital Center. Let me know of anything to avoid distaster, any tips or pointers before I get too far in to the process. Below is the actual building I've been basing it on.
  5. NYBT BAT Thread

    Okay, so just to clarify would I need to texture the buildings before contacting you to send them to you?
  6. NYBT BAT Thread

    Hey I'd love to get involved in this anyway that I can. I would learn to BAT myself but seeing as I'm working on a Mac the closest I can get is SketchUp for actual basic models. Let me know if I can help with putting together textures (I'm a self-declared Photoshop whizz) or finding reference for people to work from or even putting together basic models in SketchUp to send to others for BATing.
  7. Ribbon City 2.0 - CXL City Journal

    Fantastic road shaping.
  8. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    I like your terminal layout, very realistic.
  9. Thanks for the incredibly quick and helpful replies guys!
  10. BAT Request Thread

    The Bullring The Bullring is Birmgham's (UK) foremost shopping centre. In the heart of the city, opposite New Street train station (seen top of the image), it's striking architecture is immediately recognisable to the Briton. The snakeskin inspired façade belongs to Selfridges, the department store and it is this part of the complex that is often used to represent the development. The layout of the centre is interesting in it's multiple layers and unusual shape. I'm requesting a ploppable RCI lot as well as a Landmark building of the entire Bullring complex (that's from the Selfridges façade over the the edge next to the Rotunda, including the courtyard in the middle). If it's all possible to miss out the church then please do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_Ring,_Birmingham http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=52.477324,-1.89409&spn=0.003457,0.009645&t=h&z=17 http://www.emporis.com/application/?nav=building&lng=3&id=selfridgesbirmingham-birmingham-unitedkingdom I think this is worthy of BATing because the Bull Ring is both an enormously significant landmark in Birmigham, being England's second city. It's also a fantastic example of interesting architecture and regenerations of stagnant city centres.
  11. Hey my question is less to do with Simulator Z in particular (although it seems the optimum set-up for what I want to do) but more to do with using the simulators at all. The installation instructions I've seen all tell you how to select the simulator you want to use in the NAM installer. Seeing as I'm on a mac I don't run the installer, I just have the files. Is it possible to use the simulators on a mac? If so, how are they activated?