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  1. Baumgartner City: Saturday Nights

     South Point, but morgan is winning thought
  2. Update 0 - A walk through City Point

     looks like Concepción, Chile.
  3. Sights

     great custom content ;D
  4. streets

     nice :)
  5. Introduction and Overview of New Kitstria

     Great Introduction! I like that you mentioned Chile, because I live there (and yes, i was on the earthquake). I hope to see some treats with Chile  The island looks great ;)
  6. Cultan Airport: Completion, And a Beginning

    great !  I hope the airport boost the commerce ! and oh, and if you need help, (war) just ask me ;) (my country doesn't have a name now, but anyway, i'm here to help you)
  7. South Point: Strong Once More

    Nice development :) especially on the flat part ;)  A question; what's the population of south point, and the total of the cultan colony?
  8. Flint: Tourism, Sports, and Beautiful Farms? Oh my!

     I vote for C, the swimming center. I'll be a great atracction for your sims ! ;)
  9. Morgan and Donaldsfield: Brand New

     I liked the second one, the Light blue one.  ;)
  10. Windowed Mode Problem

    Thank you it helped me
  11. ChaoTianMen Tower

    OMG! This building is awesome! I really love it, thank you :)
  12. Moscow RED DarkNite version

    The night picture looks awesome! Great job
  13. SC4 Terraformer for Mac?

    I will try the sc4 mapper. I know that it isn't terraformer, but at least, if it works, we will be able to have terraformer regions.
  14. Downtown High School

    great men!