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About this City Journal

The Republic of Corraile is a peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean... On the North American side. Job opportunities grow on year, as well as GDP and such... Be a citizen of Corraile today and...

Entries in this City Journal


We're moving!

 Due to dwindling comments as well as a "terrible" rating for this CJ, I'll be consolidating the CJ into the old CJ section, right HERE

Thank you for the support in the new CJ section and I hope to see you guys at the old CJ section!



No.15 - The seaside escape 


RQTect777 - Thank you

Despite all the successes in the air, the ground defense was still reeling from the loss of Fairport. Already, the Fairman Island ground forces had their eyes set on the next target where the Corraile Forces were stationed. Prince Crater.

Prince Crater is a tourist attraction. To minimise any diplomatic issues after the war, the crater and the hotels were under heavy guard.

Closer to town centre, however, everything was different.


A small resistance force took on the main invasion force, but soon fell back.

Dunkirk.jpgA Dunkirk-style escape from the coastal town took place the next day, with the local ferry company voluteering 2 Ro-ro ferries to take the troops back to Freedo, where all the imported forces were concentrated.

Shelling2.jpgThe city-centre was devastated by both aerial bombing by the enemy as well as from shelling from the ground.

Shelling1.jpgLikewise, the coastal homes were severely hit.

Marinaguardian.jpgThe CNV Barrage, the designated "last guardian" of the city, docked at the Marina. The ship will ferry home the small resistance force back to Freedo.

That's all for now. Be sure to follow the war!


No. 14 - Operation Floatbomb


None 8.gif

Despite the Fairman Islanders gaining more control of Corraile land, Corraile's Air Force was more than a match for the enemy's capabilities. The Air Force used this realization to their advantage.

Operation Floatbomb was launched, with 4 F-16s armed with Air-to-air missiles and 2 of the navy's F/A-18s carrying both XAGMs (Air-to-ground) and precision bombs. The main target was the naval base at Whitehart.

The force met with little opposition in the air, and not a single pilot was lost.

Down on the ground, though, it was a different story.

A Laser-guided precision bomb hit the target with precision, striking the main barracks and naval stores.

The returning flight managed to capture the end result of the air strike. The pilots then went back to safe airspace in triumph.

In total, 522 naval hands were lost.


Even in the heat of war, the Ministry of Immigrations and Citizenships is accepting applications. 


Do leave suggestions, improvements and comments.


No.13 - The siege, part 1


Wakkaolaf53 - Thank you

With only a fraction of what the enemy could throw, Corraile forces fell back to the stronghold of Fairport, the large city to the south of the island. The plan was to stock up and mount a forceful counterattack.

Also, to lure the enemy in, more troops were sent back up north to Freedo.


Intending to ambush the Corraile forces at Fairport, General Thomas Durman of the Fairman Island Expeditionary Force decided to move into position at night.


Little did he know his forward troops, along with most of their equipment, would be the ambushed.


Who ambushed them? The CNV Burnley, an AEGIS-equipped battlecruiser, who had received a tipoff about the advance and left the Fairport Naval Base to eliminate the threat.


Fighting was inevitable, though, and in the next morning, the rest of the attacking forces met up with Corraile forces, who managed to stop their advance. At least for now.


With fewer weapons and troops, it was surprising that the battle had ended in a stalemate. With that, both forces ceased fighting for the day.


No.12 - Strike one!

 No. 12 - Strike One!


wakkaolaf53 - Yes... War and violence. Well, Corraile can't help it, can we?

CHR - Yeah. It will be interesting

The incurson began, precisely timed to follow after the airplane bombings. The strike forces moved in two directions, with efficient and ruthless tactics. Like the Germans in WWII, the attack's advantage came from precision and speed. Thankfully, the Corraile Armed Forces had begun to ship troops, equipement and other war-winning paraphernalia into Fairman Island. 


Generally, the defence forces held their ground, with heavy losses to both sides. Corraile had 192 fallen men whereas Fairman Island had 211. Much equipment was also destroyed.


Tanks burning away just after a few hours of combat.


Fierce battles in heavily forested areas resulted in huge losses and forest fires.


Isolated forest fires still burned away even after fighting slackened.


Corraile's "Saboteur Force", the 116th Company, destroyed many supply trains in enemy territory.

That's all for now... But the fighting never ceases until one side surrenders


 No.11 - The final straw


thepokemaniac - Thanks!

CHR - I was thinking of making the newspaper bigger...

Nuclear550 - Thanks again!


It was 0900 local time in Centreburg, when Parliament first began.

First to make his presence felt was the new Defence Minister, Stan Lee. Stan is the first Asian in the cabinet since 1999, when the current president, Kelvin Chuan, was first appointed as Minister of Trade and Economy. His job was already a demanding one, and now compounded by the threat to the East.

All those present in Parliament today debated the hot-button topic of the war.

Said Stan Lee ,"The security of our people and our freedom are at serious stake here, and we would lose our valuable interests in Fairman Island. Already a preliminary vote has concluded that 95% of Corraile citizens on the island do not wish to be under the control of Fairman Island."

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeremy Camewather also joined in the debate, opposing Stan. 

"Why isn't there the possibility of a peace talk?"

"I'm afraid their leader, Devon Savage, has denied any peace talks with Corraile. He demands an unconditional transfer of power in Fairman Island to him."

The debate continued until around 1530 hours, when a military officer entered the hall with important news.

Warrant Officer James McConnoly was out of breath, but spoke into the microphone.

"I apologise for having to interrupt this parliamentary debate, but we have just gotten word that 2 Corrailian passenger jets were blown up while bypassing Fairman Island. Almost simultaneously, the invasion force divided itself into two and is now striking both Freedo and Fairport."

Corraile is now at war.

Do remember to stop by our tour comment on the war and suggest improvements.


 No.10 - A shock to all Corrailians


kingdiz_55 - lol18.gif

jcmpaz - I think SimGoober made it, under his RLS development kit. Can't find it, though.

Blakeway - That's one way...

CHR - I'll get to that too

Today's newspaper came as a shock to most citizens, especially those residing in Fairman Island.



No.9 - Sunrises

No.9 - Sunrises


CHR - I understand fully. I'll revamp the newspaper's header

iGod - Thank you. And, to a certain extent, it is true

Sunrise in Centreburg is the beginning of the rush hour in the morning. Trains run, cars clog up the roads, commuters get packed like sardies in buses, but for some areas, tranquility reigns.


Colonial-era townhouses sit quiet at the traditionally crazy period between 7am-9am.


Nearby, meanwhile, Government Square is still quiet as well. Traffic is light around this area.


Our tour of Centreburg has ended. Most of the city has been explored, most of the sights seen. But, before leaving, we'll stop by the new Centreburg Hamish K. Johanson Ice Hockey Arena, where Corraile won Aleksania 4-2 to qualify for the Alliance Cup 2010.


The final destination? The train station, where we will get on board the Airport shuttle and head for, well, Centreburg Gateway International Airport.  From there, we'll be going to Freedo, Fairman Island District, Corraile.

Thanks for stopping by, and do remember to join in our tour! 9.gif



No.8 - Breaking News


Emgmod - I'll get to it

wakkaolaf53 - Thank you, and you're welcome

iGod - That estate is increasingly becoming high class...

For today, just the newspaper



No.7 - The 'burbs


No.7 - The 'burbs


DCMetro34 - All right, as you say. We'll stay here instead!

emgmod - I'll get those lots fixed... You think I should transfer them there?

wakkaolaf53 - Wish granted

Daan300 - Thank you 9.gif

jockyjack7 - Wish granted too

Thomaskrules - We're staying here!

Surburbia in Centreburg may take up the larget amount of land, but it houses only approximately a third of the city's population, which amounts to 469,000.

Today, we take a (long) walk through these surburbs, highly prized for the large amount of greenery


Benside, one of the higher-class estates in the city.


East Laurentia, a largely middle-class estate.


Another shot of East Laurentia


Clarity Vale, a new estate to the west of the city. With all the bus stops, you are tempted to take the bus, but never mind... 2.gif


Finally, you walk back to the train station, passing by Quiverburg.


These citizenships have been granted.

  • rjet131
  • wakkaolaf53 (New CJ Section)
  • jockyjack7 (New CJ Section)
There's more of the city to explore. Again, do we stay or move on?

Thanks for dropping by!



No.6 - The Centreburg Adventure

After a brief stay at the hotel, you decide to visit the shopping belt, Tharaway Avenue

Nightlife.jpgThe area is buzzing with nightlife, as well as major luxury brands such as Zara, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani and many others.


Morning does come, and you decide to continue to Wheyland Island, a small, artificial island reclaimed in 1980 for recreational purposes, most notably the marina.


The Centreburg Yachting club was the first ever set up in the country, in 1890. In 1982, they moved into this new premises.


Also, the island boasts the picturesque Seaman's fountain, right next to the Wheyland Church.


CMT (Centreburg Mass Transit)  Bus Service 787 takes us to the iconic Coca-Cola SoccerPoint. The home of the Centreburg Heroes. Right next door is the Corraile head office for Coca-Cola.


Within walking distance, is the Leland Avenue Shopping Street, boasting more humble brands. It is the largest surburban mall in the city.


We'll end this update with a visit to the Arkvale Reservoir/lake. It has recently been promoted as a watersports venue.

Should we stay in Centreburg, or continue on to somewhere else?


 No.5 - The Train Ride to Centreburg!


TGYoshi - The green will come soon... And can you drive a subway train? I'd like to learn how! 9.gif

Aaron Graham - Thanks!

iGod - I always use a "grid" layout... Train it is!

pipelad - Another vote for the train! The area within the canal is actually a sports village, which will be used in the NAAM 2010

We catch the train at Colganston's Walnut Street Terminus... The train is one of the new Millenium trains. This means a smoother and faster ride!


The train hits agriculture soon after it leaves the hi-rises of Colganston

The train goes express, passing Andrewsport's station "in a hurry"


We're just a stop away!

ScreenHunter_04Mar201002.gifFinally! The train arrives to dock at Platform 1, Centreburg Central Station.


We board a bus... InterBus Service 250 is a tourist service, taking passengers and commuters past some of the city's landmarks, like Parliament building


Leadership hall, office to the top leadership of the country


Finally, we reach the hotel (The tall building on the right, clad in glass). The Intercontinental CentrePlaza is one of the only 6-star hotels in the region. The main attraction nearby? The SkyDeck (Left side of picture)


And to end this off, a night shot of Centreburg!

Still more to come 19.gif


Another citizenship has been granted

  • thepokemaniac
More citizenships would also be appreciated


No.3 - The Corraile Times

The Corraile Times was founded as the Corraile Journal in 1840...

Today's edition is the first batch with the new look! (Not that there was an old look to begin with)


Yes... We're now part of AIN!9.gif

That's all for now



No.2 - We'll start at the tip... 

Ahhh... Colganston... 

Recently, Parliament passed a proposal for Colganston to develop a sporting hub in the heart of the district, to attract investors and someday, the Simlympics. 

Colganston is the 2nd largest urban area in the country. It also happens to be in the 2nd smallest district in Corraile. Colganston is the capital city of the aptly named Colganston District.

Things you need to know

  • District Parliamentary Representative (Head of District) - Brian Lawson
  • Population as of Census 2009 - 101,241
  • Famous for - The Pan Pacific/Enginedrive Building, Offshore airport, Sports hub
We'll tour Colganston. Colganston in PICTURES! 9.gif



We start the day at Colganston's Frankfurt Island International Airport. Its on an artificial island.


The shuttle bus to town is the cheapest way out of the island, costing only C$1 to Colganston (C$1 = 0.98USD)


The bus stops at Colganston's Walnut Street Terminus. From here, we're free to explore Colganston on our own

We hop onto another bus... This one goes to The Pan Pac Building... ooooo6.gif... And behind it is the home of Colganston United FC, the "Prada Bag", or TheVirginDome


Train, HSR or bus?


The 1st of presumably many citizenships have been approved

  • ComputerGuy890100
That's all for now. Also, applications for citizenships can be on this forum as well!

Investment Opportunities!

There is a large parcel of land that is FOR SALE by the government. Bids can go through this tread or by PM. Starting price - C$300 million. For those with conglomerates or corporations interested... BID!


Land is that green patch north of the airport. Good connectivity to sea, rail, highway and air.



No.1 - At the forefront of the Atlantic Ocean

 To start off, I'll give you a brief history of the founding of the peninsula...

In 1820, while on the way to Canada, British Trader William Hargreaves stumbled upon the peninsula, along with his German counterpart Otto Strauss. After some squabbling between the British & German governments, they decided to halve the peninsula North-South... Which explains why the southern cities and areas have GERMAN names while the Northern Coast areas have predominantly English names.

At the end of WWI, the German region was ceded permanently to the British.

In 1970, the country we know today as Corraile attained Independence.

Enough of history. As a unique feature to CJs, Corraile is offering CITIZENSHIPS! Yes... Citizenships. You would be wondering, what difference does it make? The list below shows you.

Citizens can

-Vote for the government when its election time

-Get a residence of their own (Avatars in game extra... But its free too!)

-Have their say noted in important decisions in Parliament

-Even get to be a minister, district head or mayor!

Non citizens do not enjoy such benefits, but they can still follow along the CJ. Those with more than 20 posts become PRs! This means that they enjoy benefits of citizens! (Except, voting, and ascension into positions of power)

Where should we start?



Capital. Largest city. 



the city all geared up to be a host of the Simlympics! At the tip of the peninsula, where the founders landed.



Ex-colonial capital of British Corraile. Smallest of the 3 urban areas. (farms not included)

Oh! One last thing. For Citizenship applications, please PM me. The application results will be released on the next respective update.


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