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About this City Journal

An island with no minerals, poor fishing and logging, and geographically isolated, New Kitstria has never been settled. However, a discovery on the island has brought a rush of pioneers...

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This entry will cover both the International Seaport and International Airport of New Kitstria.


Fig 3.1 The main attraction for moving to New Kitstria, and why such a small community can afford such a large port and airport (as will later be shown). There are numerous oil derricks offshore, all pumping oil to the mainland through undersea pipes.


Fig 3.2 Where the pipes emerge on land, right next to the port/derrick operations headquarters. The west end of the port is also prominently shown. Oil tankers are a very common sight here (for obvious reasons).


Fig 3.3 More oil ports, as well as the primary storage facility.


Fig 3.4 The (suitably smaller) container port for anything that's not oil.


Fig 3.5 An overview of most of the port. Containers to the east, oil to the west. To the north you can see a small sliver of the airport, as well as a local industrial sector to the mid-right.


Fig 3.6 A closer view of the entrance to the airport. To the left is the long-term parking and to the top is the short-term parking.


Fig 3.7 The airport! The concourse to the top is the International Terminal, and to the left the Domestic Terminal. While this is the only airport on the island, it is none-the-less considered an aquisition of the United States, and so flights to/from there do not need to deal with customs.


Fig 3.8 The control tower, and the general aviation section of the airport. IATA: NKR, ICAO: NKIT (N from the South Pacific prefix. There was some debate considering geography and whether it was in the North or South Pacific. It was eventually settled that New Kitstria is in the South Pacific), FAA LID: KIT.


(clicky clicky)

(sorry about the 3rd party re-direct, but it is the only website I could find that both allowed large picture uploads without spamming ads.)


Fig 3.9 A diagram of the terminal. While the gates are not exclusively tied to the airlines, the ones shown are the most common pairings. Also, it should be noted that the baggage claims are actually on a separate level underneath the central area (the orange boxes mark the access points to the lower level, and the lower level exits to the outside). Destinations listed below:

Airline: Destination(s)


Alaska Airlines: San Francisco, Los Angeles

Delta Airlines: Los Angeles, Phoenix

United Airlines: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Ontario (CA), Honolulu, Kahului


AeroMexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Porta Vallarta

Lufthansa: Los Angeles, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney*

United: Auckland, Tahiti

Continental is looking at potentially opening up some Latin American routes.

*Lufthansa for one, was excited about the building of this airport, which allowed them to create a one-stop flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand and Australia using cheap 737's.

As you may have noticed, all of the destinations are pretty much all Pacific Rim cities. This is because at the present moment, the airport can only handle 737's (or A320's) and smaller. There are currently plans for a future expansion for 757's and 767's to allow longer flights, but only when the airport becomes busy enough to turn a profit.


panthersimcity4: thank you! I wasn't sure if the large building seemed too out of place...

CTMandR: Why yes there will be. All of the tips except for the beach-side one have buildings planned that will be implimented when the colony grows large enough to warrent their existance.

Thank you for the comments! They are greatly appreciated!



Hendralen (named after the chief investor) was set up as the capital on the eastern side of the island, in a valley between two mountains (where the "N" and "e" are in the title block). From here the island was ruled. While not much oil-related happened, Hendralen is none-the-less important as it is the hub and largest city of New Kitstria.


Fig 2.1 Shore Rd. along the beach, as well as N. Capital Way and S. Captial Way leading inland. A pier sticks into the bay, providing recreation to the colonists.


Fig 2.2 The main non-oil related industrial sector. The highway that goes off to the right is the New Kitstria Highway 1. Or as the locals call it, Highway 1.


Fig 2.3 Highway 1 again, this time going up north from Hendralen.


Fig 2.4 Further north along Highway 1, we find the small community of Pelican Cove, centered around one of the few beaches on New Kitstria (as most of the shoreline consists of jagged cliffs).


Fig 2.5 The captial building in Hendralen. Built from oil profits, it appears seemingly out of place in a young capital that is still getting set up. However, from its halls it extends power over every aspect of the colony, including acting as a forward base for petrolium operations. The city hall for Hendralen itself is located just to the east (or further up from this perspective).

And now, it's collage time!

(pic won't link, so click here to see it)

Fig 2.6 A nice strip of land going from the east edge of the capital, through the heart (including the Capitol Building), and down to the beach.


Fig 2.7 An overview of the capital. Several government buildings have yet to be built, but land is reserved for them.


Paramore22, wakkaolaf53, A-Traxx: Thank you! I appreciate your support.

CTMandR: wow, nice memory! Sorry that I cannot complete the first one, hopefully this will help =D

hamsterTK: I'm not sure where you are talking about. Easter Island perhaps?

Klappa: I haven't considered treaties, but I'll definitely think about it! Sorry about the earthquake, condolences for any negative effects it may have had on you. =(

ImVhOzzi: Oil does make people crazy, which is why I chose it as a reason to attract people to a deserted island, since I didn't want to deal with developing New Kitstria from the Age of Sail. I wanted to jump right into modern times.

Thanks for the replies! More are always welcome!



New Kitstria is an island in the south Pacific that is geographically in the middle of nowhere, halfway between New Zealand and Chile. However, politically it is a part of the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands. Despite its immense size, it has remained unpopulated because it has no minerals, poor fishing, and poor logging, therefore any residents would have a hard time getting by so far from civilization. The only human life ever present were meterologists and scientists in a small station to the eastern tip of the island.

However, that all changed one day.

With the formation of OPEC, the United States was scrambling to find oil resources to offput the expensive foreign oil. It was then discovered that the island, though poor in minerals, fish, and lumber, was sitting atop a liquid gold reserve that would put Barrow's Point in Alaska to shame.


Pictured: Liquid Gold.

With this discovery, many American-based oil companies were eager to set up oil platforms and get the crude flowing. However, they would need workers. Many came for the high wages earned working an oil-derrick in such a far off land. Along with them came their families and soon New Kitstria grew into a modern colony.

More to come! (Including in-game pics)

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