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  1. Hotel Palace de Aracaju

    i think that the whole lot is to bright!
  2. Hotel Palace mas o hospital juntos

    i think the blue spirce trees have to go... :(
  3. MASH Military Hospital

    the second picture =
  4. Konrad Bulding

    I think that there could be a few more props in front, like 2 pine trees or tables or something like that.
  5. NYBT - Mutual of America Building

    woooooooooooooooooaaahhhhhhhhhhh. And you say this isn't your best bat!?!?! :OOOO AWESOME!!!!! Very nice work and I think this looks amazing! Great job on the nightlighting, too! :)
  6. Bus stop (B.A.T.)

    looks a bit simple
  7. SpaceSaver Stop Signs

    hehe, (looks out window and sees stop sign) these are SO realistic!!! Great job!
  8. NYBT Joseph Pulitzer Fountain

    WOW! This is great work here, not boring, so keep these up!
  9. Longhammervegen 5 Orth to Diag

    Great details! Beautiful!
  10. Updated Trailer Park

    I think that it wold look a bit better with different types of trailers... but it looks great!
  11. Burlington Library

    Darn! That's a good library!!!
  12. I still think you should remove that kindergarden styled paint handwriting............ :P
  13. New World Rototuna Supermarket

    I just flew on a plane today and many store's rooftops looked like this from above! Great job!!!
  14. Hotel Of New Queensville

    is there a parking lot?
  15. Town Clocktower