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  1. AK's STEX Tribute City

    You probably just set a record for the highest number of replies per screenshot. Looking forward to more!
  2. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    Rise of the Automobile 19th Century (thanks meinhosen ) Streetcar Suburb Street cars ruled the streets in the 17th century. This is the first type of suburban migration where the wealthy can escape the industrial town centers. Medium wealth, high rise residences surround the transit corridor. Credits Crumby Arms Reloaded by 6459978 1950-1960 City Hall Roundabout In the 1950s, traffic circles fell out of favor in the United States largely because of the locking problem (due to high volume of cars). In many cases, they were replaced with signalized intersections, or signals were simply added to the circle. Leaders in Athenee decided to compromise by adding traffic lights and lanes to the roundabout Credits Modern Roundabout Practice in the United States, National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 264, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council. 1980-1990 Lollipops on a Stick The new sprawling street patterns promote privacy with short streets in disconnected subdivisions. In effect, the traffic strain on formerly rural roads is obvious from this pattern. Credits www.greenroofs.ca; Justanothersim High School by justanothersim86; Suburban Mall by simgoober 1980-1990 Athenee Beltway The proposed Northern Athenee County Beltway identified in the Athenee Departement of Transportation (ADOT)Transportation Improvement Program as Project No. S-2351, will provide a new six-lane, controlled access freeway connecting the emerging Edge cities north and east of the city. 1980-1990 Athenee Beltway Traffic Pattern The Athenee Beltway has increased the overall system capacity of the existing roadway network and will divert traffic from secondary roads in the North and East of Athenee County that is experiencing substantial residential growth.
  3. BSP Park Avenue Building

    Detroit is a museum of beautiful turn of the century buildings, and you capture that so well. Thank you again for your continued work on this project. Easily a 10/10.
  4. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    Replies: crazychickensc12 - Thank you aleking - Walmartization is quite scary, and it would ruin your wonderful running CJ SC4Noobie - We think alike on the topic of Sprawl. Hope Disney World was a good time! pickled_pig - Please be careful walking around Charlotte! I agree that Ballantyne fits the edge city mold more than southpark. jacqulina - Always a pleasure moganite - Sorry to hear Australia is developing their land unsustainably. I recommend watching the move, "who killed the electric car" regarding keeping big oil companies. GMT - Highways are on the way as the suburbs expand...thanks for the suggestion. sebes - Thank you Schulmanator - Thank you masochist - Thank you Menotyou - Thank you meinhosen - Thank you Benedict - Luckily the timeline doesnt date back too far since the US is quite young.
  5. ITS City Set 1

    These are some of my favorite buildings on the entire whole of STEX. You deserve a 10/10, and I look forward to more much needed midrise commercial buildings suitable for suburban development.
  6. Crazy's Collection of Cities

    I spent the last 25 min clicking through all the pages in the journal, and enjoyed every second. You pay wonderful attention to details and it shows in the CJ.
  7. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    Edge Cities Emerge 1950-1960 Major Interchanges Built In 1957, the Federal Aid Highway Act (FAHA) planned on average one interchange every 2.6 miles. The mileage was higher in rural areas and lower in urban areas. Pictured below is a interchange with a major route 25 miles from the city's core. Credits Matt Rosenberg, Geographer; Suburban Mall by simgoober; BLaM Bistagne Cement Plant by fukuda; Bat Burgerking by baco; The Olive Garden by JaWood 1980-1990 Edge Cities Emerge Growing edge cities evolve at major suburban freeway interchanges around America as the latest transformation of how we live and work. These new suburban cities have sprung up like dandelions across the fruited plain, they're home to glistening office towers, huge retail complexes, and are always located close to major highways. Credits Edge City: Life on the New Frontier by Joel Garreau; 1990-2000 Edge Cities Thrive What makes Athenee's Perimeter Place an edge city? 1. The area must have more than five million square feet of office space (about the space of a good-sized downtown) 2. The place must include over 600,000 square feet of retail space (the size of a large regional shopping mall) 3. The population must rise every morning and drop every afternoon (i.e., there are more jobs than homes) 4. The place is known as a single end destination (the place "has it all;" entertainment, shopping, recreation, etc.) 5. The area must not have been anything like a "city" 30 years ago (cow pastures would have been nice) Credits Edge City: Life on the New Frontier by Joel Garreau; ITS City Set 1 by ill tonkso 1990-2000 Edge City Office Space One Perimeter Place attracts major commercial service tenants to the edge city with Class AAA office space. Credits ITS City Set 1 by ill tonkso
  8. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    Latest Regional Map (Small Update) -> It's taking me awhile to build the edge cities and then I'll continue the timeline theme in the next update.
  9. BSP The Vinton Building

    This is a Wonderful contribution. I love older sky scrapers as they add so much character and realism to us-style downtowns.
  10. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    Big Box Hopscotch 1960-1970 Rise of the Strip Malls The Western Parkway carried high volumes of traffic to the emerging suburbs. As a result, strip malls attracted small chains and businesses thriving on the prime visibility and access from the parkway. Credits Courtyard Hotel by simgoober; RLS Strip Mall Shopping Center by simgoober; Large Shopping Center by simgoober; Strip Mall Shopping Center 1 by simgoober; Waffle House V 20 by sim151; Church Pack 2 by simgoober 1980-1990 Decline of the Strip Malls The Western Parkway was converted to a freeway to accomodate increasing traffic due to sprawl. The access roads and freeway interchanges made these centers less accessible and business began to move further away from the city where the freeway ends. The freeway changed the character of the area, and acted as a catalyst for a midrise office tower. Credits Parker Suburban Offices by simgoober 1980-1990 Walmartization of South Athenee The first Walmart in Athenee Metro was built in 1982, 20 years after the first store opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. During this same decade, Wal-mart has wiped out local business districts, and commercial services such as grocery stores refuse to build in the area where sprawling subdivisions begin to replace farmland. Credits Walmart by Baco; Bat Burgerking by baco 1990-2000 Rise of the Big Box Homogenous Big Box developments further increase our dependency on the automobile, and discourage pedestrians. New stores play hopscotch along major arteries leaving behind abandoned strip centers from earlier decades. Credits Plop A Shop Pack Series by simgoober; DuskTrooper Trees One Plopable by jeronij 1990-2000 Big Box Hopscotch - Power Centers Over the last three decades, smaller retail stores consolidated into large big box entities. These massive shopping centers support the ever-expanding outskirts with easy access to the freeway system. These centers are disconnected from residential areas, destroy the streetscape, and generate major traffic headaches. Credits Plop A Shop Pack Series by simgoober; JTarget by joerg; Bed Bath Beyond by simgoober; RLS Suburban Condos by simgoober; Aspen Village Condominiums Multi Color Version by jawood
  11. Show us your - Region

    UncleS27, your regions are massive, wow. mattc005, I really like your road layout. Hope to see close ups in a CJ if you havent already made one. Here is my newest city of Athenee. It's a medium sized city, so not as exciting as most on this thread.
  12. Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA Metro

    I have gone back and forth through the pages in the thread, and can't seem to find a downtown Omaha shot. Am I missing something? I was simply blown away at the realism of Baton Rougue downtown from your other journal.
  13. Athenee - Documentary of a City - By Paletexan

    pickled_pig - Gentrifying is the correct word, and you're right about Charlotte. It has become a fabricated yuppyville with few historic roots. SC4Noobie - Thanks for the comment. Chicago is a much denser city that what Athenee is portrayed as. I would be curious where the residents of the torn down housing projects are relocated to. Gentrification is not all positive. RushHourFreak - Glad you find the site interesting. That skewed downtown shot is neat how it portrays the boulevard, but some of the buildings got skewed in the process. jacqulina - Thank you, you are such a positive poster. Benedict - thanks for the welcome back. wouanagaine - Your journal is fantastic despite any transportation planning problems. Good luck solving those. moganite - Glad you picked up on the effects of the changing infrastructure. It was my intent in the last update. You're actually on top of all my updates which makes me think you know more than I pretend to
  14. Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA Metro

    Agree with asturianu, would like to see an updated region shot. They really reflect the greatness of your journal. I did not realize Omaha had so many high rise apartment buildings. Looking forward to more.
  15. SHUR Hammond Building

    This building looks fantastic, and is a great contribution to STEX. Thank you.