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  1. NYBT 605 Park Avenue

  2. Very nice! Might I suggest myself for the list? Here is my stuff https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058791687/myworkshopfiles/?appid=255710
  3. YES YES YES It turns out that when texturing the LOD model, we must use only the area inside the "0-1" square of its UV map. As seen on /u/justifications (Gula) mini-tutorial: This only for the LOD model. Thanks to that I could finally fix the model's LOD and update it! You can find it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=428615066] Still, thanks to everyone!
  4. Well, I'm sure this is some kind of bug because what is show on the Asset Editor should be what will appear in game... right? I imported this building so many times trying everything, but it never loaded correctly the LOD texture, even after creating a full new LOD model. I don't know what do do anymore
  5. Thanks a lot for answering @SimBa1911 Yeah, I already tried that. It still doesn't work. @Lot Creator I tried that too. Used the Autodesk FBX Converter, but there was no difference at all. As usual, the LOD worked fine on the Asset Editor but not in game. For the normal maps I use this website. I prefeer to load every texture separately so I can tweak the options for each one, and then put all the normal textures inside the same map. https://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/ I posted yesterday this very same problem on the official forums. Not answer yet. And I don't want to make any new building until I fix this annoying problem because I know it will happen again. Maybe I could mail the devs... or something...
  6. Tried to convert the .dae files to .fbx, just in case, but the same stuff is still happening. Also, somehow the game now loads the texture of some of the LOD model faces correctly, but it autogenerates the texture for some other faces Maybe someone had this kind of problem, where just some of the LOD faces are correctly textured while the others are not? This is killing me
  7. I don't know anymore. After a few new tests It loaded the roof LOD textures OK, but for the walls the game decided to pick the LOD texture of another model I made weeks ago. Which isn't even on the import folder @namespopof Yeah, I tried that, didn't work, but thanks for the idea. @Dubai Skyscraper Thanks for your offer. As long as It doesn't bother you... I will send you a PM with everything inside the import folder, maybe you can find what is wrong. Thanks a lot
  8. No, that didn't solve it either
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't work. As usual, the LOD worked perfectly fine on the Asset Editor but it showed a terrible automatic texture in game. Also, on that example I posted earlier it didn't turn blue, it turned 100% reflective. That's the other one. It always turns 100% reflective or 100% crappily automatic-textured. And yes, I also tried to give it a 100% black specular LOD map but it didn't work. Any other suggestion?
  10. This problem is Solved! If you are having a similar issue, please look at a few posts below. Hello all! It's been a while . I hope you don't mind if I ask you about a little something problem I have. Basically I made this building... ...and released it. People then sugested me to make a LOD for it, so I made one. Imported it and loaded the Asset Editor, it looked nice!. I then added the props, and just before updating this I decided to test it in one of my cities... you know... just in case... And guess what, the custom LOD texture didn't work! whyyy??? And oh boy, my journey began. Exported the models again just in case, uppercase LOD, lowercase LOD, uppercase this, added specular, alpha and normal maps for the LOD, changed its resolution to 1024 and 256, imported and exported and imported again, and it never worked. I would always get a 100% working LOD texture on the asset editor, but it would NEVER work in game, I would always get 100% reflective textures or a crappy automatic texture. Here is what I mean. The two lower pictures are with the LOD activated. And this is what the Import folder looks like: I will give a giant digital hug to that one who helps me fixing this Thanks!