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  1. Looks pretty good! They said they'd release new content after E3, but nothing as of yet.
  2. New SimCity in game videos

    That night time footage in cheetah mode looks awesome, the city looks very alive and busy with traffic.
  3. I reckon you shouldn't whinge until you have some valid proof that it won't work. This beta will stress test the servers, and wait until the game is released and showing obvious signs that its a failure before whining. There's no changing it now so whinging won't change that.
  4. SimCity Beta.

    The beta is replayable. The beta is replayable.
  5. SimCity Beta.

    The beta is taking place from the 25th to the 28th of January as said by the official SimCity Twitter: https://twitter.com/...255236167454720 EA Australia says registrations close on the 21st of January, https://twitter.com/...255053018984448 Looks like you'll get one hour of play time but is replayable,
  6. SimCity Beta.

    Apparently invites have already been sent out? This is off someone that supposedly got in today,
  7. SimCity Beta.

    Charlie Sinhaseni, PR Manager for SimCity & The Sims at EA has posted the following tweet about the SimCity Beta, Ocean Quigley, Creative director and Art Director on the new SimCity also retweeted the above tweet, just for those that are not sure if Charlie Sinhaseni is a valid source Update:
  8. New Screenshots

    Anyone know what's wrong with the intersection in this image, Looks like there's dirt on the road..?
  9. New Screenshots

    What's with the road in the bottom left corner...?
  10. Quoted from PC Gamer: Link Original blog by Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President of Maxis: Link Thoughts?
  11. New Screenshots

    Look carefully at that third screenshot...you can see where the wall of skyscrapers ends at the extent of the buildable area and the sea of empty green space begins. Ugh. Agreed, looks pretty bad.. And it looks so small!
  12. New Screenshots

    Is it possible to take a Google-earth style screenshot of a city that's been completed to get an idea of how big our cities can get. Thanks.