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  1. Sidetrack: Bastion - Neighborhoods

    Hey! My kind of town! (And timeframe)
  2. 007's Bat Thread

    Looks really nice! I love these kind of buildings! I'll be anxious to see you sharing this. (If that is your idea)
  3. Selbring City | Downtown

    You certainly know how to set the mood! Excellent.
  4. So very well detailed! I loved it. You really captured the essence of a French village!
  5. Downtown Mosaic (1930)

    The transition between suburbs and rural areas look impecable! especially with the excellent use of those rail lines!
  6. *Vancouver (Intro And Map)

    I'm already seeing a city developing in that delta to the North...It's a really cool map...It's going to be interesting for sure.
  7. ***CJ Closed***

    Oh really? Thats a shame. I didn't thought the city was getting bad at all. It was certainly different from the j you were based upon, but I thought it was going on a unique way. You were using a point of development that it seemed ok to me... Well it was good as it lasted.
  8. Reigional Veiw -1991

    I just can't understand what you've written in the map! It's really hard to see it well... I'm just going to throw names at will, if you want use them to name stuff in your region. Craigston, Coltarc, New Reston, Jugmond, Mosquevan... Ran out of good ideas...
  9. Turlbin Road Needs an Upgrade

    Nice update showing another part of Everglade. I've noticed how your population is rapidly growing... Guess Everglade is quickly becoming a larger city!
  10. Everglade Railways/ Charleston-Harstel

    Nice rail line and some nice townships. Does that single line rail comes with NAM? I never really noticed...
  11. Everglade Harnessess the Sun

    Everglade's turning green! A nice turning point for the city!
  12. Making The Reigion Bigger

    Looks really really nice! You did the terraforming by hand?
  13. Marina Mania

    Probably the best update you had till now! Excellent! Everglade is looking very lively and appealing and it does have a lot of wealthy citizens... I'm kinda imagining Everglade becoming a wealthy coastal and calm resort destination for the upper classes of SimNation.
  14. Civilian Displacement

    An excelent job here! Keep up the good work!
  15. Worst City Planning

    I find most of you complaining about US cities...But pleaseeee... I mean, if you lived were I live you would go suicidal! Really! Oporto suburbs, in Portugal... Yes it's europe, BUT it's the suburbs...So they are only like 50 years old and they suck in every possible level. The traffic is completely awfull both in normal streets as with the highway network that is a complete and utter nightmare... Portugal government for the last 10 years was just plain busy building manically all kinds of necessary and (most commonly) unnecessary highway plans. Then you have the architectural point of view that makes things even worse... Just imagine the kind of extremely ugly buildings made in the 60's, 70's and 80's and you've got an idea (maybe not but whatever) of what it is. Traffic noise, public transportation that takes 2 hours to take you 2 km into the city center and the caothic building spree that the Oporto suburbs saw in the last 20 years (with good episodes of corruption by mayors and councils...) Ugh... I had my say...