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About this City Journal

Natural Growth in Vancouver B.C.

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Central Station

Alright. I dont have no huge comeback update or special thing. Im just going to continue the updates as if this large absence never happened. This update Ive had planned for the next one before it crashed. So... enjoy.



     The recent construction of Vancouver Central Station will soon get Vancouver connected with the rest of Canada via the Canadian Pacific Railway which runs all the way across Canadia. Vancouver itself is not big enough for its own Central Station, but once the Railray is complete, all the people migrating to Vancouver will shurly create a need for it.


     The station was already constructed. Again... another structure designed by the great Mr. Blahbady. It was alos funded by him aswell. This made it possible to construct it rightaway, WAAYY before the need to actualy have one.


     The Station was built off the built track. Mostly because of space issues, but also, it would allow currently-operating trains to still run with ease. After the station was completed, the track was slowly dis-assembled. Spear parts to be used for future tracks in Vancouver. (Why waste them?)



     One of the factories was also torn down. It turns out the rail-link loss to those factories, made exporting goods expensive. (Since the central station dosent handle cargo), and goods would have to be trucked all the way to a far-awy station. It looks as if the Gas-It-Ol plant and also Graber Smelting may shut down. The tracks have always been a divider between the rich and the poor ever since it was first built. Main reason- Factories setting up on the north edge of it. Mabey this area around Central Station will change...


     City Planner: "I walked into the myors City Hall office today. He showed me a plan for the Vancouver Rail lines. It will be a long time before all of this is completed, or even constuction started on it. But for now, we need to plan it, and also buy up some reserve space for the lines. I have a huge project ahead of me..."



Comin Back


    I was backing up Zukuraai today when I saw somthing, An old backup of Vancouver. I tried it out and it worked! Ive opened up over half the ity tiles and so far it looks pretty good. Chances are slim that it gets screwed up but whatever. Look for a new update coming soon!

,marsh 44.gif

P.S. This will not interfare with Gansbaai in ANY way. 2.gif



Well, Horsefly Speedway is amazingly close to being up and running. I bought the property for almost nothing, so it was a realy dood deal, especialy due to its proximity to Cedar, as well as Beaton.


Beaton is a run-down ol' town. Many of the residents are happy about the Speedway since it will definitly get visitors to go into town and buy stuff whil thier there.


My brother is a construction worker, and is still building the Pressbox, (Hes doin it for free!), and that fella who jumps canyons is gonna be building the grandstands for the track.


Earlier today was the first official test of the track. I was very exited. The race testers realy loved it, and said it was the best track in Canada!


The Track Runs straight through this area, and the pit is adjecent to it nearby the Grandstands. Some Garages will soon be built also.


(A car in the pit)


Out of the pit, the track quikly starts to curve around the trees and up and down some small hills...



And the track also has a nice straight away too...


I payed a cheap price for this land, id say it was a good investment.



Soon to come to Nunr



Very recently the towns of Galifrey and Nunr have voted on a Bill. this bill incorperates the two townships into a single one. These two towns have been growing closer and closer together, and the border of the two towns is very ill defined. It would be easier for the goverment, law enforcment, and even the citizens themselfs, if both towns would become one. Both towns have a very significant amount of funds. The two pools of money made the new town amoungst the richest in Vancouver. The new goverment decided to put some of the money twords a new City Hall. The land has already been cleared, and ground breaking is to be commenced on January 1st, 1930.


An artist's impression of it was recently made. The design includes a park, a parking lot, The town's first clinic, and also a few shopping stores. The official name of the town, wether it be Galifrey or Nunr, (prononced noon-er) is still being discused. Other cities in Vancouver are also taking this idea. Two towns which also merged recently are Aroura and Keensbug, and Vancouver and Larimer may also take this idea.



Ward Bound


Hi there, My name is Joseph Franklin. My wife and I recently decided that we would move from our home in Nathrop, to a peaceful town north of Vancouver called Kitslano. Its a long boat ride there since there are no roads to it. Mabey we can stop at my parents house on the way.


Our old house is a nice Victorian-style one, built about 35 years ago. I never was very enthusiastic about the color, but I still loved it either way. However Nathrop is growing too fast for me. A more rural life would be better for the family. Anyways... we left the house at about 9:00 to catch the 9:30 ferry north of Gould Park.


After we left we headed south around the bay on the main road. We passed by "Jephrey's Orange Stand. He's had the place for over 25 years now. Im surprised that he's still in buisness.


We then passed by the substation were i used-to work. It was a very short drive on a pretty empty road. A good job too!


Soon we entered "North Gould Park". Its named that because it is just north of "Gould Park". (How creative) However its not a park... its an industrial district. A very deppressing area. Perhaps that gave them the insperation for the name of that diner.


We soon arived at the "South Nathrop Ferry Dock" The recently made a waiting building for it. It was very convinent since it was starting to get cold out and we still had a 15 minute wait.


We left on time. on the way out we even got to see our old house... one last goodbye.


Passing between Dynamene Island and the mainland, i noticed it started to get colder. We all went inside even though it was pretty crowded.


The boat took a quik stop at the Dynamene Dock. Dynamene Island is where most people that work at the North Gould Park Industrial District work. Now there are only about 10 people on the ferry.


Gabriela & Quadra Island are both very small. Nobody was getting of here, so we just passed the islands.


Even smaller is Piegion Rock. I saw another yaht pass by. Mabey its the mayors? His mansion is near here.


Well, I didnt think i would ever see it, but its the Vancouver's mayors mansion. Very nice place. His family has owned the isand for a long time now.


We got off the ferry at Cortez Island. We had to switch ferry's and get on the Surety/Roubidue Ferry. We waited for about 2 hours in the islands community center. (People must get very lonley on this island)


We left the island and finaly headed torwds Roubideau. Cortez island is very long, but mostly just a sandbar.


Soon we arrived at Saftey Rock. Saftey Rock is the furthest Island from the mainland in Vancouver. Ships often crash into it, which is why a lighthouse was built on it last year.



Heading to Roubideau it got pretty boring. Just water.... yuk


We soon arived in Roubideau. Its a small quant little town, but it has some charm.


In the town center there was even an air-view of the entire town.


Since there was some time untill the next ferry, we dicided to see my parents. (Their house is very similar to ours...hmm )


After leaving Roubideau i quikly fell asleep. I didnt get to get any pictures on the way over, or during the wait in Lazier. After arriving in Kitslano, i found our car. I bought it earlier and asked it to be parked near the dock. (How convienent) When we got off the ferry i relized my map was gone. I must of left it on the ferry. I tried to get it but it alredy left. So we started to head though town.


I got to see the school that my son would be attending. Its an All-Grades school, and all it has is a small dirt field. (At least they have somthing)


Once we got out of the town I saw this big factory called the "Dao Cement Plant"... (I wonder what they make?....)


We took the left at the fork in the road...


...and soon arived in Almont. Almont lake is famouse for its suposive "healing qualities". A spa even opened up. My wife is planning on appling for a job there.


The road quikley changed to dirt soon after Almont. A small apple farm was nerby. now THIS is very rural.


Finaly we arived at the house. its very small, but its only temporary untill I finaly build our real one. At least the area has a sparse growth of trees so that I dont have to cut them all down.


I have a feeling that I'm going to like it here...



Bolts in Larimer



Curently there is a large project going on in Larimer. Its small... but for the city, its the largest to date.


What the project is doing is pretty much making a retaining wall, in order to build the new power plant. A (very) similar project happened right nerby to support some warehouses. The hill is way to steep to support large buildings, but with the new idea of retaining walls, Large buildings are now possible on steep hills.


In about a month, the Larimer Power Plant was completed. It is now the largest power plant in the Vancouver region, which is now needed for the growing region.


The wall also allows for other factories and warehouses to be built in the area too.


Another wall has also been constructed about a month ago. It was funded by Blahbady Blah III. What it is, is a retaining wall, similar to the one near the powerplant, only its to keep the ocean back. Almost half of urban Vancouver is less than a meter below sea level. This area, Blahbady is perticulary worried about, (since its near his house), so he funded a seawall to be built around the former, Agate Island. The causeway is now almost as wide as the former island. The "island" is still called an island by locals, but tecnichly it is a peninsula, or as said on maps, "Agate Point". Soon it may not even be that...




Northwest Lumber is aparently a New Lumber Company that just came up here to Vancouver. NW Lumber has been up a bit down south in Seattle for a few years now. I've seen their  new logo. That forest background apparently makes it seem like the company is FOR saving trees, however... I have this crazy idea that there not.


I recently saw a picture in Logan Town Hall of NW Lumbers recent land Aquisitions. Alot of them are located very close to my farm, (located at the tip of that thar inlet near Logan. All that forest will soon be gone im guesing, Hopfully what they say about those sriped areas is true, that theyd creat more expense then income for the company since theres not alot of trees, or to much swampy land or sumthin.


That blasted company already tore down a huge load of trees, now other farmers are going to move near my farm with all their so-called "fertilizers" and such, and make my plants unfertile.


Their even grading roads for the promotion of the new farmland, for farmers to darn lazy to get off ther behinds, (pardon my french) to tear down the trees them thar selfs.


That sawmill they set up is even getting more industrius citizens to come to Logan. Some company called Adriat Paper came to town. NWLumber and Adriat even said that their building a railroad line out to the Sanntex Peninsula to get more workers for both companies. Now dere gonna start takin our jobs!






Vancouverage University is the the first university in Vancouver. It isnt in Vancouver its self, but south of it in Gould. But who needs to get technical right?


The University is only down the road from Vancouver, but sims are tired of driving there. The Rail road goes right by Vancouverage, however the stations down the way a a bit far to walk.


One station is in the industrial area...


The other near City Hall...


So a station was given the "Go Ahead" for construction near the University, and the building permit was filed.


A bit of the hillside was leveled to build the station. With the news of this station, some new houses were alredy being moved into.


The station's construction was started and a small road was ran twords it.


March 27th, 1927, the station was complete. Houses spawned up around it about a month later. An elevated walkway was built across the rail to get to Vancouverage U. This was cheaper and more obvious than building a road to it, due to the fact that nobody took a car on a train. It was also much safer since students didnt have to walk across the train tracks.



A Letter to the City,



Dear City Councill,

            I am Mr. Blahbady Blah the III. I am pleased with the new cause way you recently constructed to Agate Island where I curently live. It makes getting to work so much easier. I used to have to take a ferry to the mainland, (a whole 20 yards away), then walk all the way to the Vancouver Market. Now I can just drive there!


I want to thank you. This Causeway allowed me to more esily moniter the market, and now have moved it to a larger building! (Attatched is a picture of the new building)


However I am a bit displeased in letting that Pedriana fellow construct his plant next to my Grahm Grahm's House.


                                                                                                                              With Regards, Blahbady Blah Blah the III


Vancouver Now


Vancouver's a growing city. The Region itself has already over 10,000 people. And it is growing fast. The largest city is... Vancouver, of course. The second largest is the town of Nathrop, located right across the bay to the south.


Part of the settlement which exsisted in the 1700's still exists today including Fort Vancouver and two ships.


The ship, St. Dynamite, (renamed St. Dynamene in 1752), still survives. The western gold rush seekers found it drydocked when they first arrived at the abandoned village in the 1800's. There Gold quest however, failed in this region.


Nathrop's downtown is... well, the only real downtown. It only holds a few shops and diners. However it has the highest amount of comercial property in the entire region. Gould, to the south, comes in second.


Vancouvers first elementary school was recently finished last month. Now the cities children can be educated!


A corporation recently set up called Vancouver Energy Corp, or VEC. It is the reigions first power plant and provides power to all of Vancouver, Nathrop, Larimer, and may strech some powerlines off to Gould soon. Almost the entire region however, still is living in the dark ages.


In nearby Larimer, more and more industrial buildings have been being built recently. The buildings currently produce textiles. However, that may change if a more profitable meterial comes along. *hint*hint*


The Vancouver market is the largest "money maker" in all of Vancouver. A man named Blahbady Blah Blah the III had a briliant idea to buy crops from the local farmers for a lower price then the villagers would pay, but he would buy the ENTIRE years yeild. Then he would sell them to the villagers for more money that they originaly payed. The Villagers did'nt mind, because the food was delivered stright to there house so they didnt have to carrie more nececities. Blahbady III was the first "middle man" on the west coast.


And lastly, some slums on a peninsular.


Thats All For Today!!!



The First Vancouver


A european boat... sailing for over three years from France, to the West Indies, to the "New World" in the 1700's. It was sent by France to set up a colony on the WEST coast. Not the east like everyone else.


Three years and finaly, LAND HO!


The ship, St. Dynamite, anchored off a small island near the mainland.


The crew decided to start the settlement on this small island, instead of the mainland, because it would offer better defense against Canadian Pirates, and British Ships. The crew began chopping down trees to use to build their new houses.


They built enough houses for themselves, and also a small dock.


15 years later, more ships started to arrive. The settlement grew, and showed promise... for now.


Fort Vancouver was built. In order to provide defense for the small island community.


The Setlers built more docks also. And here, you can see some farms built on the mainland.


However.... The settlement failed. Vancouver was simply too far away to serve as a stable trading city, to provide goods for the people. The settlement was abandoned for about 200 years. In 1990 a few settlers came from the east of the Mississippi by settlers searching for a better life. And like many west-coast cities built, Vancouver was one of them.




A quik note......


This is the only part of my journal that will be plopped. The rest will be "Naturaly Grown" (like CSG's Journal.)

All this was was to provide a bit of History.

Hope You enjoyed 9.gif




*Custom Content List

Custom Content List


Network Addon Mod (NAM)

(with Z traffic Simulator)

Realistic Highway Mod (RHW)

Street Addon Mod (SAM) 

Rural Veriety Pack

BRF tunnel and slope mod

No fires or Riots Mod

Level Bridge Mod

Street End Cul-De-Sac Mod

Farm Zoning Size Mod

Upgradeble Seaports Revamped

CSGdesigns modification of the Edmonton Transportation Mod


PEG water mod (Brigantine)

(Im deciding on which one kindov)

CPTno7 Assorted Tree Contoller

(still deciding on a terrain mod, i may not have one)


"Low Wealth Commercial Shops V1" by madhatter106

"Grain Field" by hunD88

Marrast Railroad Stations

"Fisk Insurance" by jasoncw

Western Investments by oneil_1

"Carson Plaza" by oneil_1

"Lake Point" by oneil_1

"Palm Plaza" by oneil_1 (i may uninstall this one)

CSGdesigns Basic Ferry Pontoon

CSGdesigns Small Comunity School House


SFBT Rural Power Supply

Small Solar Power Station

Nexis Emergency Diesle Power Plant

Modern Wind Turbines

PEG's Garbadge Dock


PEG's Construction Equipment

PEG's Logging Scenes

CSGdesigns Basic Concrete Seawall

CSGdesigns Chainlink Fence

CSGdesigns Cleared Earth (curently not avalible for download, visit CSG's site, it may be their in the future)

CSGdesgins Exposed Bauxite (curently not avalible for download, visit CSG's site, it may be their in the future)


Im amost certain i forgot some stuff. If you see somthing in the journal, just ask... ill give you a link 2.gif

Ecpect an update in about a week! 9.gif


Vancouver (Intro, Custom Content List, Other Stuff...)

Hello everyone. Obviously ive created a new CJ. This will depict a Natrual Growth Style Journal On a map of Vancouver, British Columbia.

(If your wondering... no... i will not be continuing Everglade NG. I wanted a.... fresh start. I was growing Everglade waaay too fast.and all the towns had way too much education and health buildings. It wasnt feeling like a natrual growth journal.)


The map

The map is one by blade2k5. The map has not been relesed yet however. When it is relesed, i will provide a link. The map was a request I made on the NHP forum on SCdevotion, after extensive serching in google earth for a good style city. Vancouver has plenty of flat (but not too flat) buildable land. It also has plenty of water, opining plenty of ecinomic opritunities, and also has a few nice mountains to the north.

Terraformer Veiw


SC4 Veiw

(This is probably not the terrain mod i will be using. If you have any ideas... )


Thats All!!!!

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