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About this City Journal

Follow Ryan Falk, private eye, as he cleans up the streets of Radiant one case at a time.

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Hello Readers,

I must apologize for a very long absence from my CJ after only two postings. I would like to take a brief detour from the story line and show you the city next door to Radiant (the home of Ryan Falk and the setting of City Noir). That city is Bastion.


Bastion (Area 2) sits on the southwest edge of Radiant (Area 1). Originally, it was merely a carelessly built city smeared over a large tile set simply to serve the needs of Radiant for jobs and neighbor connections. (Sorry no picture of the original) Now it has been, and is being, completely redone. Only about 5% of the original city, including transportation networks, still remains. The rest is being remade as a 1930s - 50s era suburban neighborhood, a high tech zone (which will include more vintage looking HT buildings if I feel really ambitious), a small industrial zone, and a rural country side on the opposite bank of the inlet. Today we'll be focusing on the area bounded by the blue box which is the newly completed residential zone and town center of bastion.

Lets start with the demarcation point between the outskirts of Radiant (the edge of which is actually a part of the city of Bastion) and the sprawl of homes: a billboard welcoming visitors and reminding them to keep their Cadillacs and Fords at a reasonable speed.

PS Bastion - Entry Billboard.jpg

The neighborhoods are set on wide streets which run from Radiant to the coast.

PS Bastion - General Shot.jpg

There's plenty of space for curbside parking, lots of trees, and almost the entire area is serviced by the Radiant City Tram Network. That means that residents send their children to school on the green car for a nickle.

PS Bastion - School.jpg

Students who wish to avoid the packed urban universities in Radiant can attend Holly Hill College on Allison Street.

PS Bastion - College.jpg

They can also get to church easily on Sunday morning.

PS Bastion - Red Church.jpg

Bastion residents also enjoy spending their weekends at one of the two ballparks currently in Bastion. Use of these city parks has been so high that the city is voting on building another next year.

PS Bastion - Baseball Field.jpg

Families and couples also enjoy seeing the cost at the cliff top boardwalk in the town center at the south end of the peninsula.

PS Bastion - Town Cliff Side Expanded.jpg

Later they can visit the small farmers market or go to the beach at Rock Point.

PS Bastion - Market.jpg

Some families own houses on the coast and others visit the shoreline woodlands just for a breather or a weekend camping trip.

PS Bastion - Beach Neighborhood and Rail.jpg

Of course, the people of Bastion know how to work hard too. Most people work in Radiant or in the large industrial district west of the city. To get to their jobs they can drive, take the Green Car, or take the train from downtown Bastion.

PS Bastion - Town Rail Depot.jpg

They can also board their trains from one of the many rail stations that dot the rail viaduct network running through the neighborhoods.

PS Bastion - Rail Station.jpg

I hope you've enjoyed this trip through the tree lined neighborhoods of Bastion.

PS Bastion - Water Tower.jpg


Case 43: Part 2

My alarm sounded at 8am snaping me from a dream in which I had spent endless hours trying to fix a model T using nothing but a tooth brush and the buttons from my suit. As I rubbed sleep from face I couldn't help the feeling that this case would feel about as frusterating. 30 minutes later I was drinking coffee, black, and reading the 'Herald' that the newsie had left at my door that morning. It took a few minutes but I found the story on the bottom of page 7.

"Police investigate dissapearances at City Water Facilities"

Nothing in it I didn't know already. I needed to get digging but Sergent Banner had me on a short leash: no interviews with out his say so. Really he just wanted me to check their papers: the mess of documents spread over several city buildings that summed up a life, at least as far as the government was concerned. I reached for a second cup of coffee but though better of it then phoned Charlotte to let her know I'd be out for a while before stopping in the office.

"Could you call Dick at archives and let him know I'm coming over? I don't have the number on me," or the patience to talk with him I didn't say.

"Sure thing," she said and I rang off.


After getting to the archives on Hall Street I chatted with Dick for a few minutes, which with him is like a cheese grater to the noggin. After 4 fruitless hours of dusting the books I had turned up squat. Dick was out at lunch so I helped myself to his phone and rang the office.

"Charlotte, did the sergent call for me?"

"No but a woman came by looking for you."

"What did she want?" I asked.

"She wouldn't say, I told her you'd be back in later." I detected a small amount of distaste in Charlotte's voice. Or was it jealousy?

After a hotdog and a coke I went back to my office.


Charlotte gave me a raised brow when I entered and told me the woman was in my office.

"D'you get her particulars?" She handed me a pad of paper with the information scribbled on it.

The dame was sitting and having a smoke. She wore a white blouse, grey skirt, and was altogether lovely to look at. I didn't like her from the start.

"What can I do for ya, Samantha?" I asked reading her name from the pad. I started packing tobbacco into my pipe while she explained that her room mate hadn't come home one night several days ago and after seeing the article in the paper she thought she should talk to someone: her roomate worked at the Central Water Facilty.

"What makes you think I can help you with that? I asked smoking quietly.

"Some sergent down at the station said to talk with you," she said.

Her and her roomate live in the Liberty Building on the park.


'Swanky place for a city employee' I thought to my self as the frail talked on. After she left I made several phone calls and burned through the rest of my leaf. As I shook the ash from my pipe I convinced Banner to let me talk with the water facily staff.


Case 43: Part 1

My name is Falk, Ryan Falk. I live in Radiant, the city by the sea.


I worked for the Feds during prohibition. Yes I was an agent, no I am not any more. I was an accountant - a researcher. I was and am good at putting the pieces together; my work helped put Capone behind bars when the guns couldn't. Now I work on the 5th floor of the Morrison Building on 9th Street. You can see it here:


The Central Library is just behind my building, I spend even more time there. Did I mention what I do? I left the agency a few years back and started out on my own, a little detective agency. I work mostly on retainer for the police when their first string quarterbacks are out of plays or out of players. So that should bring you up to date without all the bells and whistles.

Last Thursday I was sitting in my office, blinds drawn, papers strewn, and a cold one at my elbow. My secretary's name is Charlotte, a quiet kind of girl, keeps her drama to herself. I heard her talking to an impatient voice in the outter room around 5pm that evening: always a good sign that my night blown like a spent tire and I wont be going anywhere. She enters with Sergent Banner of the RPD hot on her heels, like a dam bursting all over my hopes for a quiet evening. The Sergent sits and spills his story, Charlotte retreats to her desk. Apparently 4 people have gone missing from the city's water control center over the course of a week. I ask him why they need me. He replies that aside from working together there really isn't any connection between the 4 employees that they can find, they want me to do some digging. He wants me to come see the place - now. I drain my beer, let Charlotte go home early and ride with Banner to the site.


The Sergent fills me in on the way. Supervisor called in after a 4th employee didn't show for work. Later blood was found in the basement. "How long had it been there?" I asked.

"Not sure, MO says at least a couple days," Replied Banner.

"The black and whites are there in force when I arrive, I talk with the supervisor and check out the basement. It's a maze worthy of Daedalus down there. Miles of dank passageways and pipes cover the city like a spiderweb that converges on the control center. I scribble some notes and nod goodbye to the cop at the door. A short tram ride later I'm home.


I sit alone in the pub downstairs and chew on a sandwich. Tomorrow will be interesting.


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