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  1. Mountainside

  2. MEI Garage over Avenue



    This upload is a functional garage over an avenue. You can drag an avenue through the lot. This Lot is transit enabled and has a capacity of 20000 cars. The Lot size is 4x3. Credits: Glenni and prepo: for the car models on the roof xyloxadoria: for the help while i made this BAT b22rian: for the testing of this BAT This Lot have no dependency! The cars are a bit smaller and i added cars on the roof. To install the update replace the old files with the new files. I opened my BAT thread. If you have questions please ask there or in chat.
  3. How to get signatures back

    If you go to the settings and then signature then there is the first option "View signatures?", turn it on to show the signatures of all users.
  4. Curved Bridge?!

    It's more likely that the was used in this case. Read the description of this mod or it will cause problems once you're done building this bridge.
  5. How to find/get an access code

    You could buy a new copy off steam/origin/... or follow this slightly dated (but still working) guide very carefully to recover the key from the old computer: http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/_/simcity-4/reference/recover-your-lost-sc4-installation-id-by-swat-medic-r49
  6. plugin pack 89113911

    This is caused if you had mods in a saved city but they aren't in your current pluginfolder. If you move the removed mods back into your pluginfolder then this errormessage should disappear. Sadly these numbers can't be traced back to the name of the mod which was removed from the pluginfolder.
  7. SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin

      Make sure that you're logged in correctly. If this problem persists then you can try to clear your browser cache, log in again and then you should be directed to the download without the adfly page.
  8. SimCity Update/Patch

    There is no support for a pirated copy at all. And like Rufus Honker IV has already said, the game isn't that expensive to risk to get malware which could make your computer into a bot and/or deletes all your files later.
  9. At which specific page of your CJ does this appear? Can't seem to see it anywhere in your CJ.
  10. Member of the Month: February 2015

    Congrats to both of you
  11. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nopedy nope, Vitor?
  12. Correcting mistakes (undo?)

    There is no undo in SC4, but you can save before you doing some major changes and then you're able to quit the city without saving and then you could try again several times.
  13. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nope! Vito....darn he snipped me... Tony?
  14. Yes some mods have been taken down, because they weren't following STEX rules. And there are settings to disable the auto updating of the mods from the steam workshop as far as i know.
  15. Questions about City sizes.

    If you mean the config.bmp, yes. I have a link to a tutorial if you want to refresh your memory of the process: http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/_/simcity-4/mapping-and-terraforming/configbmp-how-to-make-it-yours-r76
  16. Questions about City sizes.

    Nope, this is hardcoded into the sc4 exe and there is no known way to extend this. And it's extremly likely that there will never be a mod which does this.
  17. You need to render each tile, but there is the makes it much easier and much faster.
  18. The mods which use an installer are just automated placing of the files in the plugin folder. Some place some additional documentation somewhere in the mydocs/SC4 folder but there is no need to run the installer again.
  19. SC4 Cheatcode "GameDelay 10000" FTW! (Disclaimer it freezes the SC4 GUI for 10 seconds)

  20. "SimCity 4.exe" won't update to 1.1.640.0

    There is no support for a pirated version. You can buy it cheaply (between 5 and 10$) from Steam, Origin or some other retailer.
  21. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nope. And i think Stitch is next.
  22. Guess Who's Next V2

    Confirmative tony?