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  1. Medium Density is not appearing

  2. I started a new region, on a large tile (large river, industrial on one side, residential/commerce on the other), and after filling the tile up with low density, I now wanted to upgrade. For some reason, the buildings aren't growing. My population is 21,000, I've got all the city services and water set up, yet it still isn't upgrading. This has never happened to me before!
  3. TrackMania

    Although the textures look a little bit on the stalinist side... That's because it's custom scenery, and OPs graphics are on low. It looks much better with high settings.
  4. Is Xlnation down?

    XL Nation is known for having technical difficulties. More people try to access the site than the servers can handle at certain times.
  5. How do I increase the challenge?

    Yes, expert mode is excellent once you get the hang of it. The restrictions on road placement are just silly, since you'll need high capacity roads as your city grows, and demo is not pretty.
  6. Is XL platinum worth it?

    If you have 12, you should have a discount if you got it through Steam. If not I'd leave it, it adds 50 new buildings and a few features I can't remember. If you are new, I'd recommend it, but wait for a steam sale. I got it for 10 bucks, and the summer sale is coming. It's pretty underrated and very mod friendly.
  7. newbie question from a city building game fan

    Certain buildings are locked until a population threshold, but I believe there are mods available to unlock them.
  8. Frank Gibeau Swears EA is not Evil

    Developer: Okay, EA, here is our game, its going to have a rich singleplayer experi- EA: Multiplayer. Developer: But EA, our game is focuses on single player. It would be a waste to tack on- EA: MULTIPLAYER. NOW. Developer: *Sighs* Fine, we'll add multiplayer. We want to- EA: DLC. Now. And Origin requirments. "We don't meddle" my rear end.
  9. EP1 Update Missing?

    I was reinstalling SC4 on my laptop, and I cannot find the EP1 update in the "get your files" post. I need it before I can install the BAT update. Where is it?
  10. Functional Reward Mexico city stock exchange

    Besides the warning above, the lot needs a lot of work. 2/5 for now.
  11. While this is disappointing, someone should write a cordial letter to the CEO of EA: John Riccitiello, and calmly and politely explain to him how we as a community feel. Riccitiello is the one that has led EA along the digital and DLC pathway since he became CEO in 2007, and because of the success, EA has been doing more and more DLC and online stuff. He has recently said that he believed that single player was on its way out, and that most games will soon be multiplayer. It's not too late. The executives at EA see everything as dollars, and if we can convince them that removing the always-on connection requirement will create more dollars, then they will likely order it to be removed.
  12. Night Lights during the Day

    I've had this happen. Its definitely a glitch.
  13. SimCity - Images and Videos

    You do realize that this is VERY early in development, right?